Kyoukai no Kanata episode 2: Please join, I’m not a pervert!

kyoukai kuriyama fight


Kuriyama manages to defeat the youmu living in her apartment after a few minutes of fighting. Akihito then proceeds to try and recruit her into the Literary club, but she refuses multiple times for some unknown reason. We then learn, after many invites, that she believes she doesn’t have the right to a happy life because she has killed a human with her own two hands.kyoukai food


Nice follow up from a great first episode!

I somehow always get scared of the next few episodes after a new, promising show comes out; more than half of the shows turn bad and become a disappointment. Much to my happiness, I can see that Kyoukai no Kanata doesn’t seem to be one of those shows; this week’s episode was great.

What I mainly like about the show is that it has a great mixture of slice of life and supernatural. From my experience, putting those two genres together and making it a good show is quite a tough thing to do; and this show’s got it figured out. The laughter moments are as funny as the fighting moments are bad ass, and the show has immense potential to have some cool drama and emotional moments in it through the awesome fights. Honestly, to an anime fan, this show has it all; it’s like watching a girl shounen that isn’t completely shoujo. When I saw the first episode of this show, I figured I just had to blog it; and screw it if it comes out on the day I told myself I wouldn’t blog.

kyoukai sleepNow, this week did have some interesting plot points that started developing. The first and foremost, is that Kuriyama has a deep dark secret – which isn’t really that deep since she already told Akihito about it. The fact that such an innocent girl has killed someone suggests that she probably had a really dark past; from the way she acts, I wouldn’t be surprised if discrimination against her clan was a big part of it. Whatever it is, I’m sure Akihito won’t judge her for it; after all, that’s what love is~

We also got introduced to a few new characters this episode: Hiromi the (possible) homosexual, Ayaka the cheap bitch and Akihito’s mother, the crazy one. Honestly, even thinking of the usual cliché of having a crazy mother, I find that Akihito’s mother even surpasses that idea… She seems legit insane. kyoukai mother

 Anyways, I hope next episode gives us a little bit more information on this “Hollow Shadow” coming along, as well as another cool fight; this week’s first scene was really captivating.

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