Kyoukai no Kanata episode 3: the Hollow Shadow… Pretty Hollow Indeed

kyoukai no kanata bullet shield


As the Hollow Shadow approaches,  we learn a bit more about Mirai’s background story, how she accidentally killed her close friend who was being possessed, and we learn that she wants to challenge this youmu for revenge. Akihito tries to stop her, but in the end he lets her go, and she is off to fight until he stops her again and tells her she doesn’t understand.


*sad face* And here I was hoping this would be one of the great shows of the season… I guess it’ll have to settle into the “okay-but-popular” category.

There were many things I noticed in this episode which were horrifyingly disappointing; the shallowness of characters was probably the worse. If this was meant to be a generic shounen-ish type of show, I wouldn’t have minded as much (I might’ve called it generic, but that’s just my hipster side showing up); however, from the first 3 episodes I’ve seen so far, it seems to me like this is mostly slice of life. All the action in the show seem to support the humour and the drama, and from what I’ve understood it is supposed to cause dramatic plot rather than a shounen-styled plot.



Which means, that the characters need substance and development; if they don’t have that, then it’s a pretty shitty slice of life. In this episode, Akihito demonstrated that his personality was next to none. All we know is that he’s a perv who loves girls in glasses. Gee, I’m hooked. I was also disappointed by the way he tried to argue with Mirai in order to prevent her from chasing after the Hollow Shadow. And by argue, I mean:


“That’s not it!”

“You’re wrong!”

Alright, now tell me why Mirai is wrong, why she should stop and why she misunderstood the situation. Because, honestly, even I started doubting him and siding on Mirai’s side. Akihito had no follow-ups on anything he said and no explanation; following his words, I feel like he wouldn’t have been able to stop anything at all. For someone who’s about to see a friend go kill herself against the biggest monster on the planet, those are not very convincing arguments.kyoukai no kanata argument

Mirai herself is basically the only one with something worthy of taking notice. The fact that she is born from a cursed family and killed her only friend when she was young definitely gives us something to work with. But then again, I feel like despite this heavy setting her personality doesn’t hold much apart from what the setting gives it, and I keep noticing how inconsistent her character is; one day she’s talking about feeling like a tragic and sad person, and the other she argues happily and childishly with Akihito. There’s nothing explaining one switch to another… *sigh* I’m also disappointed with the background story they gave this episode about how she killed someone. But anyways, apart from all that I guess she is somewhat fine. Somewhat.

kyoukai no kanata dick biscuitFinally, to sum up the rest of what I wanted to say quickly (before I go on a never-ending rant), I’ll admit that I found the actual humour of the show pretty generic and boring, although the dick biscuit (it clearly was not a giraffe) was pretty darn surprising and made me laugh. I was however surprised at how early the Hollow Shadow appeared, and the fight scenes were still as bad ass as they were last episode. I guess if the show turns more towards its action genre I might get more interested in the show.

kyoukai no kanata moneyIn the end, the plot of this show focuses too much on events and what happens rather than how characters would act in a certain situation according to the development. Many would argue that character development doesn’t make a whole show, and I’d be forced to agree; however, for a slice of life, I believe that it’s basically unacceptable. Mirai can’t support the show by herself with the personality she has, and Akihito is too shallow to be a main character. I’ll give this show one more episode to redeem itself; the most likely result will be that I’ll drop it, but then again, you never know.

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