Kyoukai no Kanata episode 4: A New Threat

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After Akihito proceeds to save Mirai from Sakura, she herself turns around and try to fight off the Hollow Shadow in this dream-like world, where she manages to find his main body. She defeats him, then goes back to the real world, where she is forced to kill Akihito which has been possessed. After a final battle, Akihito, who is weakened from the attack, proceeds to transform into a youmu and destroy everything, in a cool but scary way.


Alright, so I was expecting bad things out of this episode… Much to my surprise, I was brought back into the show just like in its first episode. That was… Really awesome. With some flaws here and there, but for its target audience, this is much better than what I thought would come out of it last week.

If I were to go in chronological order, I’d say that, despite my bias which expected this to be bad, I still liked the staircase run and the dream-like world that Mirai put herself in while fighting the Hollow Shadow. The jokes were well put, and though there wasn’t much action, the animation was well done and I thought it was pretty cool. The argument she had with Akihito was still lame, but now that they’ve given a short explanation to it, I forgive the bad scene a little bit. A little.

kyoukai no kanata yui

Moving on to the actual start of the fight against the Hollow Shadow’s main body, that part disappointed me a little bit. For a monstrous youmu which no one could beat, even with armies of Spirit Warriors, I was a bit surprised that Mirai defeated the main body so darn easily. Despite her crazy blood, which definitely gave her a clear advantage over him, the Hollow Shadow almost seemed lame at some point. When he went and possessed Akihito, however, that’s when stuff started getting interesting again; I gave a little more credit to it. In the end, after seeing the whole fight, I’ll admit I’m still a little skeptical, but the fight was still bad ass enough that I was satisfied with what I saw. Kind of.

kyoukai no kanata possessed

Moving on once more, we get to the awesome part, which consists of Akihito’s transformation. I’ll admit, I didn’t expect that to happen, or at least not to happen so soon. I liked the idea that it gave him a good reason to give pitiful arguments to Mirai earlier; he didn’t really want to tell her the truth, after all. What I didn’t like in relation to last episode, however, was the execution of the build-up towards this discovery: usually build-ups to a surprise ending give hints that there will be a surprise ending. This one, however, had none at all, which made me bitch it out completely in one episode, and love it in the next. I’ve seen transitions done way better than this one…

In the end, I’ll admit that I was wrong last week. A bit. I still remain constant on the fact that this show’s humour is terrible; the “megane bishoujo” joke is already getting old, the sis-con is dumb and Mirai’s clumsiness has nothing original to it. Where my opinion changed a bit consists of the characters themselves. Although Akihito is still not out of my radar which searches constantly for a personality, I’m glad that we’ve found something interesting to give him for now. kyoukai no kanata monsterFinally, what really changed my mind this episode, and what will make me continue watch the show in the end, is the fact that there is a story to this; it may be not super fancy, but add to it the incredibly awesome action scenes that we’ve seen, and we’ve got something. I don’t expect this to be a super well executed show, but if it serves its original purpose to entertain, I can still leave it on my watching list.

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