Kyoukai no Kanata episode 5: Awkward Friendship

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Mirai, now being completely broke and without her license to hunt youmu, is offered a job with Mitsuki at Ayaka’s shop. Despite being closed in and awkward at first, Mitsuki eventually opens up a bit to Mirai, and they become friends, visiting the Lights festival together. Meanwhile, Akihito decides to skip school, since he seems to be a bit depressed about his Youmu transformation from last episode.


Man, that was awkward… Honestly, I feel like the whole episode had a lingering feeling to it. Nothing happened, yet it opened up a lot of plot points to come…

Mitsuki is definitely not a socialite, I can tell you that much. It seems like she disliked Mirai at first, probably for cause of jealousy, but after a while her opinion of her clearly changed, probably because Mirai is such a klutz that we can only like her – or at least feel neutral towards her. Nevertheless, Mitsuki’s way of conversing was still pretty darn quiet; it coincides with the idea that she was alone all her life. I’ll admit that I’m a little curious to know more about her old life, since it seems that there is something pretty dark in her past that made her the way she is. The lights festival, in particular, was what held my attention… I believe what she’s so depressed about is that the festival itself reminds her that she’s all alone, but I feel like there’s more to it than that; it makes me curious.kyoukai no kanata mitsuki awkward

We also somehow got a feeling of the bad characters which are about to show up soon enough. We already know that Ayaka is a very bad person; this episode, I got the feeling that Fujima Miroku, from the Spririt World Warrior society, was quite the shady character… Whatever he might be, we are sure to see him again (his character design states it), and in my opinion, it won’t be as a goody two-shoes. Unfortunately, however, that was all the information we got in this episode.

kyoukai no kanata akihito eyesAnother thing which lingered in this episode was Akihito’s slow depression. Seeing everything from Mirai’s point of view this time, we didn’t get to see much of him, but it seems like his monstrosity affects him quite a lot. In what way, or how it will affect people around him and himself, we don’t know yet, but if they mentioned it, it must be because it’ll be useful for a plot point later on (Do I smell drama?).

kyoukai no kanata mitsuki bushIn the end, this episode gave us a lot for an episode where basically nothing happened. There was nothing quite huge and interesting, but there’s potential for somewhat of a build-up later on. In general, my opinion of the show remains unchanged from last episode. It’s not bad… But I currently don’t see anything special about it that will make it stand out from what came out this season. Kyoukai no Kanata seems to be good entertainment value, especially for people who haven’t watched much anime; but in my case, its ranking will never go past an okay-but-with-awesome-fight-scenes.

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2 Responses to Kyoukai no Kanata episode 5: Awkward Friendship

  1. jerre says:

    I just finished this episode myself, I feel they try to do too much and don’t go into detail enough for this episode

    • Myst says:

      Like I said last episode, I feel like the directors focus too much on what’s happening, one thing after another, without actually focusing on the characters… It’s a shame, really, because the show seemed like it had good potential.

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