Kyoukai no Kanata episode 6: Smelly Eye-Fruit-Thing

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Now with her license back, Mirai goes on a hunt for a youmu worth enough to pay her rent. Unfortunately, this youmu explodes into a stinky liquid whenever it feels threatened; after many attempts to try to defeat it, Mirai and the others decide to simply give up because the stench is completely insupportable.


Well, that was pretty light-hearted! Or at least, that was what this episode was supposed to be. I’m a little disappointed in the end result, though. I once said, in an earlier post, that I believed this show had a great concept and had pretty smart ideas; however, the execution of it was really bad. Well, in the case of this episode, I’d say that’s pretty much what I thought of it.

After the crazy arc that we just had, I was pretty happy to get a light episode purely for entertainment value; considering the style of the show, I thought the timing of it was great. Unfortunately, it would’ve been worth it if it was actually funny. I’m sorry, but the perverted jokes in this show are so god damn terrible… And the worse part of them is that not only are they bad, but they’re also terribly overused… I understand that this was supposed to be very light-hearted and enjoyable, but the jokes did not make me laugh at all… Which is why this episode failed completely to do its job.

kyouakai no kanata idolI did like one thing, however, and that was the actual concept of the episode. Having to defeat a youmu for food worked very well with the idea of the show, and the stench which came out of it was a truly original concept which I thought was very entertaining. When the little group had to turn into idols and sing in front of it, I thought that scene was also quite interesting in itself. It didn’t make any sense, but I liked the originality of it. Now, if only they’d made this properly and I had actually laughed… *sigh* It’s a shame, really, that such a great concept could be ruined so much. It’s pretty surprising, too; looking at the background from which Ishidate Taichi comes from, there’s so much moe it would seem like that’s the only thing he knows how to do, except apparently he fails even at that, because Tamako Market and Kyoukai no Kanata really aren’t so “moe” great. I’d say it sometimes borders the boring.

kyoukai no kanata mitsuki nakedIn the end, I was slightly entertained by the concept of the episode, but I feel like the story was so poorly done that it wasn’t worth the watch at all. It’s an episode which is definitely worth the skip; if you can, do it, because it has nothing to do with the story and is barely any entertainment at all… That is, unless you enjoy the bad perverted jokes, then I guess it’s okay. Kind of.

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