Kyoukai no Kanata episode 7: The Calm is Coming

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Sakura hunts youmu for the sake of feeding her weapon in order to make it more powerful, but as it gets more power it eventually tries to kill her. Mirai saves her from it, which reconciles them. Meanwhile, we learn that Fujima Miroku is the owner of that weapon, and that he’s about to do something terrible with it (although we don’t know what).


“The calm is coming…” Is that evil? The name sure doesn’t sound like it…

Whatever it is, the fact that after the calm comes “Beyond the Boundary” (Kyoukai no Kanata in Japanese… Get it?) leads me to think this is the start of the final arc of the show. After all, with 6 episodes left to go, now would be about the time to start it in order to make somewhat of a badass ending.

kyoukai no kanata sakura angryMeanwhile, we had to suffer through enjoy this heart-wrenching heartwarming tale about Sakura and Mirai. I mean, this could have been a little more enjoyable, had it not lasted the span of one episode: Sakura is the reason why Mirai thought she didn’t have the right to live anymore, after all, so why make the story feel like it was rushed and there for the sole purpose of seeing Sakura’s weapon? Because of this, I felt like I couldn’t really grasp Sakura’s character very well and couldn’t get attached to her at all.

What a rude girl, breaking windows like that

What a rude girl, breaking windows like that

Not that Sakura’s weapon wasn’t cool. I mean, look at that thing; it’s extremely powerful and somehow feeds off youmu. Of course, the downside to it is that it also feeds on Spirit Warriors… Oh well. Whatever that weapon might be used for now anyways will definitely be for bad things, since it belonged to a bad guy, after all. As for the reason why he told Sakura to go and kill Mirai… Was it because he actually wanted Mirai to be dead, or just because he thought it would be good motivation for Sakura to power up the weapon? Also, why would he be after the Hollow Shadow? All these questions which seem to suggest the start of a big conspiracy where the world will be destroyed because someone’s bored. Somehow, I’m not looking forward to it too much: this show has already ruined many of my hopes.

Anyhow, I was actually pretty sad in this episode, since Mitsuki didn’t get a call from HND48; so much for that funny reference, they didn’t even follow-up on it, and now it would just be weird since the next arc started and then we’ll be at the end of the show. And here comes yet another failed joke from Kyoukai no Kanata… Honestly, I’m sick of this show’s terrible humour. kyoukai no kanata mitsuki HND 48

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