Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 8: A Youmu Sleep-Over Party

kyoukai no kanata nase izumi


The Calm is coming! Oh wait, it’s here! And so are all the bad guys that come with it.


Well, I guess it’s no surprise that I only get more and more disappointed with the show… I’m still expecting the repeat from episode 3 which will remind me why I didn’t drop Kyoukai no Kanata like I should have; so far, I’ve gotten nothing interesting from this show but fun explanations about why I don’t like this show.

The problem is, that now even those explanations are becoming boring. The redundancy of the show is such, that even my rants will become redundant; I’m running out of things to say about this. I mean, the show hasn’t changed at all from the first few episodes: the only thing that truly changed the feeling of the show was when Akihito transformed. After this came back the boring jokes, the shallow characters, the okay plot and the poor execution of a concept which could have been awesome.

The only thing which has been awesome since the beginning of the show is its animation. Honestly, the fight scenes are still as ridiculously awesome as before; apart from the fact that this is the only great thing I can say about the show, it does make everything a lot more interesting. kyoukai no kanata miroku

In terms of story, however… This episode really got the plot going, and I found myself absolutely not looking forward to it, considering the predictability of it. So what if Fujima Miroku is evil and the calm is a big Youmu? Although those two revelations did explain the appearance of the Hollow Shadow and the reasons behind all this treachery, it still didn’t get me interested in the actual youmu that is The Calm. Heck, I’m not even kyoukai no kanata akihito glassesworried about Akihito; the foreshadowing was so god damn obvious that it just became redundant to give us a “surprise plot twist” when Akihito actually fainted, since the feeling was already gone a few minutes ago. Oh, and I guess I was supposed to be surprised when Fujima turned out to be evil? That was gone the second I met him… I mean, character designs just make it too obvious who’s going to be important, and the only important people in that show are good or bad guys… Did I say the characters were shallow already?

The one thing I actually got interested in was the whole thing with Nase Izumi; who/what is she, and what does she want? I expect my hopes to get crushed, but it seems like she’s somewhere in between a good and a bad character… Either she switches sides, or she’s just a good character pretending to be bad, or an actual bad character that isn’t siding up with Fujima… Option 2 sounds to be the most generic one of them all, so my predictions lie on that one; however, the fact that I actually questioned myself was pretty interesting, and I thought it worth mentioning.kyoukai no kanata mitsuki calm

In the end, I can only say that I’ve seen way too many of these types of shows and I just can’t get into it; the concept of it all was great, but I feel like it came out a little bit too late since the action-moe thing has become redundant and generic some time ago; some people still get into it, but I’ve watched too many shows to be able to like this. My rating is still in the “okay” category for now; despite my ranting, I can definitely say that I’ve seen worse.

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