Kyoukai no Kanata episode 9 + 10: Beyond the Boundary

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Episode 9 gave me questions, episode 10 gave me answers; well, I guess at least something happened.

Seeing Mirai go for Akihito like that and actually stab him gave me pretty much absolutely no fright, I mean with such cliché cliffhangers I might as well just skip the next episode… But, apparently episode 10 was still worth the watch; in fact, this one and episode 3 felt like they were pretty much the only 2 episodes worth the watch.

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I thought it an interesting plot twist to have Mirai go and kill herself willingly, as well as to have known about the Kyoukai no Kanata from the get go; it’s anime-worthy of a plot twist, and it actually surprised me, although I guess it could have been obvious to me had the idea crossed my mind.

kyoukai no kanata mirai cuteThe one, very big problem I had with this plot twist, however, was that Mirai’s character just wasn’t built in the proper way at all for this plot twist to even be possible; I’ve established already that the characters in this show were shallow, but this is literally a plot hole. If Mirai knew about Beyond the Boundary form the get go, she would not have acted so humorously in front of Akihito, and she certainly wouldn’t have let her guard down like she did; there should have at least a bit of a hint that she is trying to distance herself once she joined the club, but there was absolutely no foreshadowing to this discovery, which just makes the only character development which was half decent in the show completely flawed. Had all the episodes after episode 3 not happened, I would have enjoyed this latest one much more, but I guess that was simply wishful thinking…

kyoukai no kanata mirai winterBut anyways, I guess it’s time for emotional sadness now… Oh gee, Mirai’s dead. This is so sad. Boohoo for Akihito /sarcasm. I guess I’m supposed to be super attached to all the characters by now, and be sad when one of them dies. Unfortunately, the execution of this show is so terrible, that I couldn’t manage to do that. Heck, I even have trouble understanding the true bond between Akihito and Mirai, because it feels so shallow. Akihito’s pervertedness simply ruins the whole love thing that might be going on between them; episode 9 tried to focus on their relationship more and to get them to look like they’re meant to be together, but I simply couldn’t get into the whole Romcom thing because Akihito is such a pervert that his love just feels shallow as fuck.kyoukai no kanata maid journal

Anyways, there are 3 episodes left to this. I’m sure I can pull through and manage to finish them all… Right? Honestly, if I wasn’t blogging this I’d have dropped it ages ago.

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