Kyoukai no Kanata Idol Saiban! episode 1: Oh please, why don’t you kill the original even more

kyoukai no kanata idol saiban ai idol

P.S.: I apologize for the low quality of the pictures, but this was the highest quality out at the time.


Akihito is brought to court for obscenity in front of Mirai and the other main girls of the original show, who have magically become cute chibi characters. After a strong deliberation of dancing and singing, the verdict is that Mirai’s glasses should be detroyed; the episode ends with Akihito on the verge of severe depression from this punishment.kyoukai no kanata idol saiban akihito


Oh man, this cuteness! If Kyoukai no Kanata has one focus and only one, it is certainly moe, and I have been proven this fact once more with the release of this terrible, terrible show provided only for fanservice’s sake.

If the producers wanted to make the Kyoukai no Kanata lose all hopes of ever being serious and plot-oriented, I’d say that screening an alternative series such as this in the same period of time was probably the best thing they could have done. I mean, plot is over-rated, after all…

The idea that this cutesy-moe-moe show came out puts so much emphasis on the cuteness of the characters that it could potentially overflow into the original show through the viewer’s expectations. If the viewer loves moe, then he will expect moe when viewing the show, and the producers will give him tons. Showing something like this side story, therefore, would only emphasize this idea and I’m afraid that the plot of the show won’t develop enough in the second half of Kyoukai no Kanata in order to prioritize cute scenes. This alternate series makes me very afraid of potential ruin of a show that has already gone pretty low in my rankings.

kyoukai no kanata idol saiban ai chibi faceAll things aside, I follow the opinion that this episode was cute from opinions of commenters on, because my opinion was clearly different when I watched it; I’d say it almost reached the line of pure boredom. Ai-chan is quite adorable indeed; however her Chibi version was literally the exact same face of hers on a very tiny body and did not look any cuter than how she looks in the original show. As for the others, well the truth is that my attachment to the characters is so little in this show that I couldn’t find in myself the spark of fangirl which I usually find in cute characters. Instead, I closely read the subs trying to find a funny joke in there, but to my utmost expectations I did not find any and simply face-palmed.

Also, bad 3D animation pisses me off. But that's besides the point.

Also, bad 3D animation pisses me off. But that’s besides the point.

I honestly thought that Kyoukai no Kanata was trying to be original in its content; I now realize with the release of this series that it’s just a big piece of generic bullshit meant to please a specific target audience. I’m sorry, but acknowledging the existence of this side story is no longer possible, and I will pretend it never even existed.

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    Fuyukai desu

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    Bye Felicia!!! :^)

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