Kyousou Giga episode 0 (ONA): What the hell am I watching

Kyousou Giga festival

This show is definitively not for me. I have no clue what to expect or think of it what so ever. The art style is somewhere between crappy and psychedelic, the characters are not boring but rather all particularly insane and unrelatable, the show is so fast pace since the whole story is made into a single episode and I have no idea what the hell is going on.

Kyousou Giga trio

I mean seriously, at first I thought the show was a kid show with poor art, then I realize it was some kind of more psychedelic show aimed at a more mature audience, but then everything goes funny and what the fuck? I have seen a lot of fucked up show, but I think there is just too much happening in this show and it was looking so bad and the characters were so boring that I just can’t come to like it. For me Kyousou Giga is really not a show for everyone and I won’t recommend the episode to anyone. I just feel like only the people who read the manga or a really weird and fucked up audience could actually like it and understand it. The show is obviously really full of detail and someone who paid enough attention to detail could see that the episode actually had a lot of depth to it and there was a lot of information that you could read in between the lines, but overall it was just not enjoyable for anyone normal.

Kyousou Giga weird family

The one positive thing I can say about the show is definitively the art, it was clearly unconventional and shiny, it reminded me of Paprika and Mawaru no Penguindrum, it was bad looking but yet so creative and original. I feel like if the show could have introduced itself better I might have enjoyed it more, but overall it just gave me such a bad first impression that I had trouble get interested into it. The show obviously has a lot of replay value, if you want to understand something about it, but it sucks to watch so much the first time around that I don’t feel like watching this ever again.

Kyousou Giga computer girl

Overall I’d say that this was bad, although interesting in its own way. I don’t feel there is no real value in the anime and it should have been done over multiple episode instead of just one to give credit for the depth of the show.

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