La Corda d’Oro: Blue Sky episode 1 [First Impression]: Music Tournament

blue sky kanade


Kanade has always been a prodigy in violin. Unfortunately for her, she feels that she has reached her limit and cannot seem to improve any more. After seeing her childhood friend Ritsu play in a competition, however, she and her other childhood friend, Kyouya, are then forced to enroll at Seiko academy in order to participate in a musical competition which will involve all the high schools in Japan.


I never thought that La Corda d’Oro would ever get a new season… But it did, and looks just as promising as the original 26 episodes.

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La Corda d’Oro was probably the first Reverse Harems I watched, and one of the only two that I thoroughly enjoyed, as every other made me want to throw my laptop out the window. The first season had me thoroughly impressed, and I especially enjoyed the growth of the main character over the course of the show.

blue sky young kanadeIt seems like the Blue Sky season is about to follow the same idea, with the main difference that Kanade used to be a young prodigy instead of a failure at violin. None the less, the concept is the same. As for the main guy, Kyouya, he obviously likes our main protagonist already, with the amount of jealous fits he managed to pull in a single episode. His tsundere self is a bit overused, but so far he seems pretty adorable with his jealous fits, and I’m sure will have his own problems to solve with his violin play.

As for the rest of the harem, it happened to be so large from what I could observe that I wasn’t able to notice one more than the other apart from Ritsu, who seemed like a tsundere/douchebag more than anything else (whichever, I don’t care much anyways). There is definitely more to add on that, but I feel like it’d work better to explain it in the later episodes rather than now.

All I want to say is that this guy's hair is darn bright.

All I want to say is that this guy’s hair is darn bright.

From what I’m seeing so far, it doesn’t seem like the show attempted to experiment with character types…. Or, with anything for that matterThe premise to the show is extremely similar to that of La Corda d’Oro originally, and it doesn’t seem like the producers will attempt anything out of the sphere; although it does make the show just as interesting as the first season, I feel over time it could potentially become redundant to the first one. But, then again, this is only the first episode, so I’m not letting that idea go until a few episodes in.

To conclude, although I am definitely hyped for this to come out, my blogging of it will depend upon the next episode. No matter the conclusion, the show is still on my recommendations list to any girl out there who likes a little bit of romance and can tolerate musicals.

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