Log Horizon 2 episode 1 [Updated Impression]: Still Great

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I reviewed the first episode of the first season of Log Horizon when it came out and I was very critical of the show when I did. I claimed it was only a more boring SAO Rip-off and that I had no interest in watching the show. It turns out that I ended up watching the anime since everyone claimed it was actually pretty good…and boy were they right.

Log Horizon has a very similar premise to Sword Art Online when the show begin, but things go a completely different route and the two shows are so different in nature that it is difficult to bundled them under the same category. Log Horizon is an intelligent anime that shows you the creation and organization of a society in a fantasy environment. The show still has a lot of MMORPG reference, but it is a lot less action oriented and a lot more about discovery and psychology.

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We usually don’t do first impressions of second seasons here on 0-gate, but I wanted to use the opportunity of this second season to do an improved and updated review of Log Horizon to give justice to such a great show. I want to make it clear that despite my claims that the show was a SAO rip-off, it is actually much better than SAO.

This season of Log Horizon is pretty much only a continuation of the previous one, the show was separated into two disjoint seasons, but we still deal with the same topics and same challenges as we did in the first one. Shiroe and his group are working hard to try and live their life in this video game world, it is a quest for happiness, stability and power. All subjects I, and many others, are particularly fond of. At least for the beginning of this arc, it seems that money will be the biggest issue and Shiroe will try to bend the will of the game so it can work in his favor. I am excited to see what Shiroe plans to do with all the richest of the world, it will definitively make him a prime threat in the eyes of the south, conflict is bound to arise which means even more interesting stories are yet to be told.

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Once again, I won’t be blogging this season of Log Horizon, but it is more for sake of continuity than because the show is bad, since there is a lot of incredible content I could be talking about. I recommend this show to anyone who enjoys fantasy, MMORPG’s or sociopolitical conflicts. Log Horizon is one of those really good shows which I would recommend to most if not everyone.

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