Log Horizon episode 1 [First Impression]: Ripoff

Log Horizon shield bashing

Here we go with a perfect shitty copy of SAO. I mean we already had a lot of anime lately with people being stuck into their game and this is yet just another one. Unfortunately Log Horizon is rather subpar to most of them and take their subject too lightly to be anything more than an average show.

Log Horizon world

From A to Z Log Horizon is a crappy copy cat of SAO, it is too similar to have a light of its own and because of it it will be compared to SAO in every aspect and fail to compete with it. The show is more childish, doesn’t have an atmosphere as intense or deep as SAO and in the end I doubt it will be bad but I can’t see the show having any real redeeming qualities that will make it worth watching. The art isn’t that great, the story was done time and time again and the characters are cliché and generic. I have no doubt that somehow some people will still find themselves drawn to watch it as a reminder of how great SAO was, but I don’t think this show is really worth your time this season compared to some of the other gems that are airing as of now.

Log Horizon rat attack

The main character is a loner strategist with ties to some big guilds and the past of a hero, he is surrounded by newbies and other loners and he is stuck in a virtual video game world in a fantasy setting. If anything Log Horizon has absolutely nothing to differ it from SAO other than people are already max level. The whole mystery of the game and development of the episode was rather poor and uninteresting and without great soundtrack and art it was difficult to get immerse in the universe. The characters were goofy and didn’t take anything seriously and the story is shallow and overdone, I see no reason to blog this show.

Log Horizon characters

I won’t be blogging this show and I doubt I’ll even watch it. I won’t recommend it to anyone has SAO is just better in every way and this is just trying to leach out of the success of previous shows. I have little sympathies for it, it is nearly insulting to the viewers to give us such a pale replica and expect people to enjoy it and watch it. Yet you know the worst part? I’m pretty sure thousands will still watch the show even if it is subpar  and they will probably even enjoy it too. Such a pity.

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2 Responses to Log Horizon episode 1 [First Impression]: Ripoff

  1. Quincy Jackson says:

    Well for your Info Most people that ive seen that have seen this anime which ive heard from another source is more than Sao.. And LH has been out for like 2months and it is more poppular than Sao.. LH is better than Sao. Like accel world .. Its not a shitty anime if you watched it you might like it like the alot of people

    • Zeroghj says:

      I did hear a lot of good things lately about the show, some saying it has a vibe similar to spice and wolf. But I’ve watched the first 2 episodes of the show and it started really slow with little to differentiate it from similar shows, hence why I gave it such a bad rep from this first impression. Having said that, I disagree that the show is more popular than SAO, SAO made major wave all over the internet with people who are not typical anime crowd, Log Horizon is still in its infancy, but for the moment it is far from reaching a level of popularity even close to the one SAO saw.

      I have no doubt that Log Horizon is a better anime than Sword Art Online, seeing as Sword Art Online was really generic and simply well done, but not being up to date with the show I cannot judge how great the show is right now.

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