Say I love You [first impression] episode 1: I don’t need any friends


Mei Tachibana has no friends. She goes to school, comes back from school, and while the girls try to be mean to her, she’s learned not to give a shit about what they say and just go on in her own little world. At least, until Kurosawa Yamato decides to approach her because he finds her “interesting”.

As Mei tries more and more to keep her lonesome world together, Yamato keeps trying to get closer, resulting in complete rejection. All this, until Mei becomes the target of a stalker and has no choice but to call him in order to get help. He goes to her and pretends to be her boyfriend, giving her a kiss in the meantime.



So our main girl used to be bullied, has a dead father and is antisocial as fuck, I guess that’s a good start in terms of pitying her.

As for the main guy, could anyone get more popular? Next thing we know, he’ll be the head of the basketball team and also the smartest kid in the whole school.

…Understandable, I guess.

Anways. Moving on from the genericness of our little couple, this might actually turn out pretty good. Mei is someone who’s always bullied, yet the way she reacts to Yamato’s advances makes her actually pretty interesting. As for Yamato, well, I don’t think I can get over how gorgeous that smile is. His reaction to seeing Mei was also very interesting, although the rest of his character so far is a bit bland.

Don’t get me wrong, this looks like a good romance. Knowing also that this is a very popular manga and having read a part of it myself, I know that it’s not a generic, bad romance and that the anime probably well done also. However, I also know that it’s a smut, and I hate smuts. Therefore, any bad point that I can find anywhere, I’ll mention it.

That’s not what “exchanging cellphones” means.

In the end, though, for people who haven’t watched so much romance to see those actual bad points, I think this might turn out pretty good. I have no idea if the smut part will  be incorporated into the anime, but I might keep this going just to see if I made a mistake in thinking this was completely generic. The characters have a bit of potential despite their clichéd concept, so I guess I can’t judge completely just yet. Right now, however, it’s a “meh”. Considering this season is romance galore, I’d prioritize Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun and Kamisama Hajimemashita over this one, if only because this one seems a lot less promising than the other 2.

Watching: Maybe
Blogging: Nope


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