Love Lab episode 1 [First Impression]: so who’s the guy?

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Riko, also called “the wild One”, attends an all girls school with Natsuo, called the “princess” of the school. One day, Riko catches Natsuo kissing a fake doll for practice. Embarrassed, she forces Riko to become her “love assistant” and asks for her help by having her join the student council.



Honestly, I’m still waiting to figure out who’s the guy between the two main characters. Then again, if there is no guy, that means it’d be just a plain Shoujo Ai… Whatever it is, there’s no mention of gender bender or Shoujo Ai anywhere in the genres list (for the manga as well), so I dunno what’s going on with this. We know it’ll involve romance, but as for details on the gender of the characters, I think there’ll be two girls, but the show seems too shoujo manga centered for it…

lovelab sparklesAnd that, I know it definitely is. The shy look, the clumsy type, the theme, everything is ridiculously cheesy and targeted at 14 year-old girls. With next week’s new characters, we’ll just need to get a guy in there and the whole show’ll be complete. That is, if there is a guy, which it seems like there actually won’t be… I think. Anyways, all this to say that one should expect kisses and dates and cheesy shit to happen everywhere; it’s a shoujo manga alright.

Another thing I clearly know is that I’ll get sick of this show as fast as the wind. The first episode was funny; I mean Natsuo’s dumb tricks were pretty funny, but I already feel like her stupid personality was overused… And this is only the first episode. Shoving in more characters with super generic personalities (shy, pervert, cool) won’t change that fact, and even if romantic stuff starts happening, I still won’t be able to tolerate her personality. This show is clearly cliché, clearly not something someone spent hours thinking about a plot for it, and clearly something I’ve watched/read 1000 times before. I won’t get enough entertainment out of this one to be able to blog it.lovelab fantasy

Riko seems to have an okay personality, though. Overall, those two fit in pretty well together as a couple, with one who’ll take care and protect the other while the other one’ll just act cute and be an idol. We’ve definitely got the boy/girl thing going on (whether one of them’s a guy or not), and somehow it feels like the romance won’t be that bad. This show will probably never become “good”, but I feel it’ll still be better than an “okay.”lovelab hold

Therefore, I do recommend this show if you like shoujo manga in general and if you’re not a hipster like I am. It’s definitely not something bad, but if you expect anything original out of this you’ll be waiting a long time.

Watching: Probably

Blogging: No

Recommended: Only if you like Shoujo romance

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