Love Live! School Idol Project episode 1 [First Impression]: what an idiot

love live dance


love live honokaHonoka is a second year in high school, and she has just learnt that her school is about to be shut down due to low enrollment rates. Desperate to leave the school open, she tries to find ideas to get people to enroll, and upon seeing a high school pamphlet gets the idea to become a school Idol for the school to become more known. She tells her idea to her friends, and when they finally accept they find out that the Student Council won’t allow them to create an Idol Club in order to attract more members.


*sigh* is it sad that the best shows out so far are an ecchi comedy and a musical? Honestly, out of everything that came out so far, This was probably the one which interested me the most.

I was actually surprised at the quality of the show to begin with. When they mentioned idols, I automatically put Love Live in the category “for kids much younger than me, with too many pretty colours and bad CG implanted everywhere”. It’s a good thing I decided to watch it, because despite the amount of sparkles this was actually pretty good.

The fact that Honoka is in high school and has a really well done personality is one thing. She may be a dumb bitch and I might hate her for it, but she’s still well done in her dumbness, I guess. The humour she provided in the show was good, and I have a feeling the friendship she’ll show with Sonoda and Minami will be a strong one. Her heart is big; she’s just really live fall

The plot looks like it’s not going in a bad direction either. Not only do we have a motive for idolization, we also apparently have a rival? Those girls from UTX seem like they will definitely come back later, and I’m expecting the drama that’ll come with girls bitching at each other.

love live rivalHonestly, I see all the drama, the friendship and the tears already. I’m tempted to watch it, despite usually not liking this kind of show at all. I doubt I’ll be blogging it, however, as I’ll probably have many more shows I could blog, however so far this is my number one show of the season, and if nothing else comes out then I might resign myself. I mean… This season sucks, let’s admit it.

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