Love Stage!! episode 1 [First Impression]: The cutest couple is born

Love Stage!! lovers

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I can perfectly understand why this show is so popular. I am certainly not a Boy Love  enthusiast nor do I enjoy simple regular romance in general, but Love Stage!! was a fantastic show despite its genre. The art was good and had its own stylistic touch, the story seemed well constructed, but most of all, like always it is the characters which make or break a story. Izumi, our main character, is a well-rounded character which the audience of anime in general can easily relate to. He is a real, round character, it is something that should be the custom for a protagonist, yet most anime nowadays don’t ever bother making their characters interesting or even have a personality.

Love Stage!! main character

With all this said, I don’t think it really accounts for the major factor in this show…the cuteness. I am one who is known for having a real hard time figuring out cuteness and understanding kawaii stuff. Furthermore, I am a straight male in a happy relationship with a lovely girl…yet I couldn’t help but fall in love with Izumi once he was dressed up as a girl. I know he is a boy, I know he’s a little wimpy man who wishes to draw manga but sucks at it, I understand that he has a dick and he is a worthless human being in general. Despite all this, I still fell for the guy when he was playing his part. It was also so sweet and awesome when he kissed during the commercial. His obliviousness and look of surprise was simply magnificent I just loved the way he was both shocked and loving the turn of event at the same time. I felt like he wanted to run away and felt so wrong and guilty of what was going on…and yet he never wanted that moment to be over. It was so cute and romantic it was difficult to do anything else than release a little squirm and “aww” at that moment.

Love Stage!! the kiss

Love Stage!! is a very interesting anime, despite being a shounen-ai I still think I want to watch more of this, I actually liked this episode. I don’t care what it means for my sexual orientation, I want to see those two guys continue to make out and start loving each other, I want them to fall in love even after they figure out that they are of the same sex, I want them to embrace their homosexuality and become the happiest couple in the world ! But I don’t think I could love this show. I am still uncertain what I will do, but I would have a lot of trouble discussing such a romantic show on a weekly basis…I’ll have to see what I do about that.

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