Love Stage!! episode 10 [Final]: First Time Hurts

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Love Stage!! is already over, but I really can’t say that I am saddened by it, because I felt the show was well-paced and this ending was really well done. I feel fulfilled with this show, I think it is a great example of what a one season anime should be. So often anime have abrupt and inconclusive ending, it is so wonderful to see Love Stage!! start something and actually finish it. We begin in episode one starting a love story and not only did we get a conclusive end to that romance, we actually got to see them actually consume their love too. Romance anime in general tend to end after both parties tell one another their love and then the credit rolls on the final kiss. It was both cute, wonderful and hilarious to see Ryouma and Izumi have their first time together before ending the story.

Love Stage!! Love

Something that we learn this episode is that Izumi is so cute that he makes every male around him turn gay. He was getting raped by 3 guys and all three of them suddenly changed sexual orientation after seeing how cute he was. This is disturbing in multiple ways, first of all, it is quite the power to be so cute that every man and woman alike wants you. Secondly…I must say it is a little bit weird how lightly the show took that rape scenario. I found that it was making it to be really a lot less of a big deal than it should have been. I believe anyone who get touched and assaulted by 3 man in a construction site should report to the police immediately, not go meet friends at a local manga store. I also think it was a bit fucked up for Izumi to realize and understand his feelings after being assaulted by dubious looking guys. I really hope it would need someone much less than rape to realize they love someone, it is a bit weird too how unemotionally scared Izumi was after getting in such a situation.

Love Stage!! Raped

Nevertheless, other than the weirdness of the rape situation, the rest of this episode was really good. It was so touching to finally see Izumi embrace his emotions and let himself open up to Ryouma. Seeing their eyes as they were slowly undressing in front of one another was wonderful. You could tell the two of them were not only in love, but they were in need of one another. They have had to hide their feelings to one another for so long, it was like the eruption of a volcano. All the pressure and hot feeling inside of them was able to be released all at once in one giant explosion, yes this was an ejaculate joke. Good romance and happy conclusion aside, I really found it funny to see Izumi lying in the bed afterwards because his ass hurts too much. It was both funny because of the comedic effect of a sore asshole and because of the dire truth behind it all. After all, first time usually hurts even if you try your best, because that you want it or not, you will suck at it the first time around.

Love Stage!! sweet kiss

I won’t be doing an overview for this show next week because of a severe lack of time, so I will try to give a quick overview of how I found Love Stage!! has a whole.

The first thing I could say about this show is how interesting and fulfilling it is as a romance. The show actually focuses on its romantic aspect more than any other side story, so it rarely feels like there are dull moments or fillers. There is no useless school life, no small comedy relief. The show is all about the struggle of two young men trying to figure out their emotions for one another despite them being of the same sex. The show feels pure, especially since it is from the point of view of a very innocent cute young boy. Despite having some little flaws here and there, it remains one of the best lighthearted romance I’ve seen. It also is the best shounen-ai I’ve seen, although I must admit not having seen more than 3 or 4 shows in that genre. It really makes yaoi more mainstream and present it in a way that both homosexuals and straight are able to enjoy it’s content.

Love Stage!! Izumi new glasses

With only 10 episodes, Love Stage!! has good pacing, the story progress quickly and you never have time to get bored. It is also surprising that in just 10 episodes they are able to wrap the show completely. You won’t have any loose ending here, Love Stage!! goes from start to finish, so no cock blocking at the end, you get a full story that you can marathon in a day or two and it shouldn’t let you down. I would recommend the show to just about anyone who enjoys lighthearted shows, it is a quick and simple moral up-lifter and there is no reason you shouldn’t give it a quick watch.

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