Love Stage!! episode 2: Secret Revealed

Love Stage!! romantic

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So, even though Love Stage!! isn’t really my favourite genre or the kind of show I usually cover, yet it is such a great show that I just couldn’t do otherwise after all. I don’t care that it is a boy-love and a romance aimed mostly at girls, I like the show and want to talk about it. So from now on you can expect my weekly commentary on Love Stage!! and have fun laughing at my heterosexual white male point of view of this Shounen Ai.

Love Stage!! bad first time

First of I just have to comment on Nagisa, Izumi’s mother, there is no way that this women isn’t simply banging the manager every other night. If her first impression and reason to allow a new manager to live in their own house is because he looks good, there is really no more clue to be had. I understand that the world of entertainment and show business is one of excess and hedonism, but does it really not bother Seiya one bit that his wife looks like such a “sexually liberated” women? I guess it doesn’t really matter in this story and I somehow doubt that there will be any side drama around that fact, but I still found it rather shocking.

Love Stage!! slutty wifu

Now into the main topic of the show, LOVE. I do not believe that love is something that really cares about the gender of a person, if you fall in love with someone for real, no matter if that person is a boy, girl or alien, you will probably stay in love. Love is more than kissing, hugging or sex, love is about mutual trust and admiration. Love is about believing and joining the dream of the other, love is about growing and improving with your significant other. So in the case of this episode of Love Stage, even though it was to be expect, you can be sure that Ryouma won’t be able to get Izumi out of his mind despite his sudden realization that he is a boy.

Love Stage!! traumatizing experience

Now so long as things don’t go too far away from the current romance, I think I can get along very well with this show. It is so cute and comedic at the same time, the story seems interesting and doesn’t show sign of needlessly dragging on so far. I must admit I am actually surprised that Ryouma already figured out Izumi was a boy. I was actually thinking that this misconception would drag on for much longer than it has. It was a rather pleasant surprise to see that the show wouldn’t be dragging on for ages and would instead follow a quick pace towards character development and more yaoi! Great.

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