Love Stage!! episode 3: Yaoi Rape

Love Stage!! going to blow you

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 rape is no joke, even if between two guys. I’m rather concerned of the way everyone in Izumi’s family take it so lightly that their youngest was assaulted in their own home. I understand that they are a rather superficial and glamorous family where touching and kissing doesn’t have the same significance, but still, rape is rape. It is even more scarring when you are still a teenager with no sexual or relationship experience yet. I don’t blame Izumi one bit for being so depressed and locking himself in his room, if anything I would blame the parent for not doing anything in a situation like this where their child was obviously in a situation of intense anguish and depression. I think it would be appropriate to call this child negligence, the Sena might highly successful people, but they sure are terrible parents.

Love Stage!! Izumi

I understand that Love Stage!! is just a Shounen-Ai, a romantic story, but I still think the show shouldn’t take rape so casually, especially when a young inexperienced individual is the victim. I don’t exactly understand why rape is such a prevalent theme in yaoi stories, I feel like every one I’ve watched involves one party forcing himself unto the other while the abused one is crying or screaming. Now, I am no rapist, but I cannot understand why anyone would be interested in intimate contact with someone who is crying like that. Seeing someone cry in front of me is an instant boner-killer in my experience. The poor Izumi needs some counselling, someone who will talk to him after what happened.

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Rape aside, things are really quickly moving into yaoi territory. I wasn’t expecting so much touching and sexual tension so early in the show. It was definitively not just kissing that happened, we already had Ryouma inches away from blowing Izumi. I find it rather odd how censorship is approached in a show like this one. I really feel that if you are going to depict mature sexual relationship in your story, you shouldn’t try to hide it with silly elephant heads or have the body part hidden by blinding lights. If you consider your audience mature enough to see a scene where an innocent boy gets raped by another man, you should consider them mature enough to be able to witness the scene itself. I feel like they give us enough of a feel of what is going on that camouflaging things is simply insulting more than protecting anyway. Then again, Japan is extremely weird on censorship.

Love Stage!! elephant trample

Love Stage is definitively a good show, it has much faster pacing than I would have expected, I’m used to bad romance which keeps on dragging on. It is definitively not the case here seeing as the two boys went from meeting again for the first time in 10 years to raping the other in only 3 episode! With the current trend I am actually kind of scared to see where we will be at in 7 episodes. I feel like murder might happen at some point if things keep up like this.

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