Love Stage!! episode 4: How NOT to ask a guy out

Love Stage!! gloomy guy

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As always, things are moving quickly in the world of Love Stage!! and now Ryouma has finally officially accepted his love for Izumi and told him. He finally accepted that love isn’t a question of gender, it is an insurmountable emotion which can guide or destroy your life. It is something which occupy your every moment, making you smile and appreciate life better if you are able to grasp it. It is also a terrible curse if you fall into despair and you are unable to come to term with your emotions. Last episode both Izumi and Ryouma demonstrated the kind of curse that love can be when you are unable to accept the feelings it creates inside you. Izumi was unable to face the world as he was struggling with his inner thought and self, while Ryouma was unfocused at his job and was ruining is career because he was emotionally unstable and depress.

Love Stage!! Gloomy end of stage

This episode we finally saw everything turn around, at the very least for Ryouma. The guy had the greatest smile on his face when he got to finally see Izumi again, when he finally got to apologize and be sorry for everything he regrets doing. By seeing Izumi in person he was able to see the one he loves, get his email address and set behind him the shameful memories of the time he nearly raped him. It was overall a really great move for Ryouma, but not so much for Izumi.

Love Stage!! run after the one you love

When it comes to the experience for Izumi, I think I would have killed whoever was around me if something like this would have happened. The apology itself was fine, but if someone was to forcefully bring me around to get new clothes, a new haircut and then pay for my lunch…I would feel extremely insulted. First thing, I hate shopping with a passion, so if someone was to bring me shopping on their first date or even worse to ask me out for my number, I would not only be turned off, I would be annoyed. Second, if someone needs me to have clothes and a haircut that they chose for me for them to be interested in me, they probably don’t really like me for who I am and I shouldn’t try to let them change me so much without resisting. Izumi is an Otaku geek, he is an introvert, if you have to change him so much for you to be comfortable around him, things are just not gonna work out. Finally, as a not-so-beta male, it would be extremely insulting if the person courting me was paying for my stuff. At least at the beginning I would expect for both party to pay for their own expense, otherwise it feels insulting for the person courted and the one courting is probably being taken advantage of anyway.

Love Stage!! soul less

In the end though, I don’t believe none of those things will be a major problem more than the suspicious white van which left out at the end. It seems highly likely that some paparazzi were on the scene and might have witnessed it all. This could make for some really stressful and public trouble for the new couple of “friends”. I think Izumi would probably kill himself if something so shameful has having a boy crushing on him would go viral amongst the public…even more so when that person is super popular among the girls! Things will surely get interesting.

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