Love Stage!! episode 5: Love makes you into a slave

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What a sweet little episode this was. I found rather impressive how quickly Ryouma went over his self-homophobia. Just an episode ago he needed everything to admit he was in love with a dude, and now he just rolls with it like it never bothered him even. We will soon see how committed the guy is to this new relationship, because it seems that some news outlet got wind of it and now this could mean intense public trouble for his company, no wonder his boss appears to be so mad. But what can we say, love is personal, love is unique.

Love Stage!! sesly

Love is something very weird, especially the initial burst of emotion you have as you fall for someone. While love as different forms, the one we see most in romantic shows is an absolute devotion, an outburst of emotion which blinds someone into doing anything he can for someone else. Despite how I make this sound, it is usually a wonderful and great thing. It gives the person all the power and energy he needs to succeed in his conquest. When you are in love, suddenly everything you do for that person seems to give you energy instead of taking it away, Ryouma might have spend an entire day working as an actor and then the night helping out Izumi, but I’m sure he felt like the night went by in instant because he was helping out the one he loves towards his dream. Ryouma might be a bit insensitive, but he is definitively caring and very supportive in that relationship.

It is just very unfortunate how Izumi is taking complete advantage of Ryouma, he just asks him to come along to do tedious task without any reward. I certainly hope Izumi won’t stay so self-centered and irrational for long, because right now it is rather cringy worthy to see him believe so passionately about his horrible, horrible work. Ryouma is both blind and completely aware of what he is looking at to believe Izumi has any kind of potential to even participate in a competition. I’m usually really against sudden rape, but considering every Izumi made Ryouma do, and seeing he was not going to give anything in compensation, I think that Ryouma stealing a few kiss away is very well justified. I don’t care that he didn’t get permission, but after everything he’s done, he really do deserve a few sweet smooch. I really saw nothing wrong with those innocent few kisses.

Love Stage!! sweet kiss

I found that the characters in Love Stage!! adapted maybe a bit too easy to their situation, the character progression actually feel a bit rushed nd so is the story. The show remains really good, but it feels a bit odd to see things progress so quickly and a bit unfortunate that we don’t get to see the internal dilemmas of the characters and their struggle to accept their feelings. It is after all usually the most important part of a romance anime. Hopefully what we missed with Ryouma we will experience again with Izumi once it will be his turn to fall for the guy.

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