Love Stage!! episode 6: Izumi is so Worthless

Love Stage!! oblivious

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Whaaaat! Izumi is a shitty manga artist with no talent what so ever? What a twist, I didn’t see this coming at all! He was so confident in the abstract art he was producing, it makes me wonder if his glasses aren’t broken or something. Izumi is such a dreamer, maybe if he opened his eyes to reality for a minute he would finally maybe grasp something about the world and himself. It is so sad seeing the spoil little brat go through life so easily just because he came from a powerful and rich family. It actually makes me happy to see him suffer and be stumped at every step he takes.

Love Stage!! passion of Izumi

The saddest part about all this, to me anyway, is that Ryouma is the one stuck in this bullshit. The guy is hardworking, he has talent and he cares a lot about Izumi, it is such a shame that he wastes his energy and time on someone who has no strength. I can relate well with the character of Ryouma, so it pains me so much more to see him struggle with Izumi on a daily basis. Why is love so cruel sometimes, why does a perfectly successful guy needs to fall in love with someone so dependable and worthless. Izumi doesn’t have a single redeeming quality other than his passion, he is an introvert who can’t read situations or other people. The guy has no creative or intellectual talent, no social skill, he doesn’t seem to be doing any good with organization and manual labour either…he is worthless. Love makes you blind, that saying is definitively true.

Love Stage!! super tease

Now to make things worse, Izumi ran away from his home and is now freeloading at Ryouma’s. There is so many things wrong about that, it is difficult to know where to begin. First of, it is so incredibly rude to simply show up at someone’s place….even more so to use their bath…even more so to sleep in their own bed without permission ! What’s more, the bed is a single, not only are you stealing his bed, but you make it impossible for him to sleep in the first place. How much of an asshole can Izumi possibly be? Even worse with the fact that he’s half naked in the bed of someone who loves him. I have had girls do that to me before and I can tell you that in those moments is when I was able to understand how rape can happen. At some point, you are just testing your luck too bad. I know Izumi himself said it was fine, but that just makes it worse, it just reminds Ryouma that he is able to take advantage of the one he loves and disrespect him. There is really no winning option here for Ryouma, either he is hurt, or he suffers, great lose-lose situation he is facing.

Love Stage!! fatal wound

I’m really curious to see where things are going to go with Love Stage!!. Especially when it comes to Izumi. I sure hope the guy start growing some balls if this is to be a yaoi, because right now he is just a useless irresponsible pussy and it is getting rather annoying. Hopefully he becomes a lovable character before the end of the season, I actually want Izumi and Ryouma to form a cute lovable couple.

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