Love Stage!! episode 7: Microwaved Breakfast

Love Stage!! microwaved breakfast

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Alright, first of despite everything which happened this episode, I really have to talk about one specific scene that really bothers me. I have trouble understand who had the brilliant idea that something like this is even possible. I am talking about the moment when Izumi wakes up and eats microwaved breakfast. How in the hell can Izumi find that breakfast good after he microwaved it? I understand it if he just ate it and felt it was a decent breakfast, but never have I ever seen someone microwave something and then say “that was so good”. Microwaved food taste decent at best, but never good.

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What makes this all even worse is that it was a breakfast. I understand Izumi is a rich worthless child, but there is no way he can’t even cook is own breakfast at that age. I agree that the breakfast Ryouma left him looked good, but thinking about egg and sausage heated in the microwave definitively doesn’t make me think of good food. Even worse, Izumi probably have the house keeper making awesome breakfast every single morning, it is not like he eats dry toasts every morning, the kid seriously has some taste issues.

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I guess I rambled enough with the breakfast, back into more relevant topic for Love Stage!!. Izumi finally decided to do something with his life to gain a bit of experience and maturity. I think it is a great idea, he definitively needs it. The poor boy was always overprotected and it made him ignorant of everything around him, it surprises me that he was able to breathe when he was away from his home for a day. Even when he tried to take care of house work he just made everything worse and acted like a pig. A really good thing that Ryouma is in love with him because otherwise I would have kicked the guy out of my house to make such a huge mess when I’m away. Poor Ryouma, falling in love with such an helpless and disrespectful child. Hopefully Show business will change him for the better, maybe his little kawaii princess for love fetish will go away and he will become someone just a passionate but a bit more realistic and grounded. Passion is one thing, but you need a head on your shoulder if you want to go somewhere in life.

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I can’t say I found this episode of Love Stage!! to be that interesting, since Izumi was at the center of it all and I have difficulty to relate to his character, it was like I was watching a show about an alien coming to earth. It remained that some interesting progress was made this episode, suddenly Izumi has the will to lunch his career in show biz and he is starting to be a lot more open about what is going on between him and Ryouma. It really is a huge step forward considering where we left off last episode. I’m curious to see what the show biz aspect of the story will bring forth though.

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