Love Stage!! episode 8: Celebrity Fluff

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I really didn’t like this episode of Love Stage!!…and I perfectly understood what they were trying to aim for here too. They tried to make this episode both a recap and a background story while presenting it as a showbiz celebrity show. Now I am not perfectly familiar with those shows as I have no interest in celebrities or gossip in general, but I still get a general understanding on how those shows work. Trying to create a constructed narrative over someone’s personal life, trying to create suspense and twist out of nothing, Those series represent the art of creating entertainment out of fluff.

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So this episode was a sort of satire of the genre…and it just killed me to watch. As much interest as I had in the story and the characters, the format just made it all so uninteresting and terrible for me. I never realized how important the way a story was told gave to an anime until this episode. I felt like I was watching afternoon american TV or something. The episode suddenly went from a nice anime to stupid showbiz fluff and just watching the episode was cruelly difficult.

It is rather sad that by showing originality and creating a clever presentation I actually lost a lot of interest in the show. It was even the turn around in this episode, we finally reached at point where Izumi was going against his fears and he was starting to stand up for himself and yet I wasn’t able to appreciate any of it. The format changed so much and I felt so disconnected to the story that watching the episode felt like a duty and a necessary mean to an end, instead of something enjoyable. I felt like I would have rather skipped this episode completely and just go on with the show.

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I really hope things will go back towards a more familiar storytelling formula next episode, I don’t know if I could keep generating interest in the show if it continues going in ridiculous fluff of showbiz too much. I like the characters and their relationship, but the celebrity aspect of the show is one I would much rather avoid. It worked perfectly fine as a backstory, but if it is brought up too much it just goes and ruins it completely for me and most likely many others.

I really don’t have much else to comment about this episode of Love Stage!!, I’d rather not remember it ever happened if I was given the choice and just consider the episode to be a recap which was only option to watch.

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