Love Stage!! episode 9: Izumi is Superman

Love Stage!! losing glasses

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Now that Izumi is a superstar in the world of mindless gossip, he cannot walk around in the streets without being recognized and chased after. But he was able to hide from the crows and walk around pretty much without any negative encounter thanks to his trusty glasses. In other news, Izumi is confirmed to be Clark Kent. I mean really, who else than Superman could possibly pull off wearing a pair of glasses to hide his identity? Izumi is therefore young Clark Kent and Love Stage!! is just a Boy Love remix of Smallville. Or at least I wish it was, it would definitively make the show much more interesting…although maybe not in a good way.

Love Stage!! surrounded by girls

But seriously, I understand that Izumi is a new face in the world of show business and people haven’t seen his face much yet. I still feel it is likely that someone who would recognize him without glasses could still figure out who he is when he has them. Glasses really don’t change a person all that much. What’s next, they won’t recognize him because he will change his clothes?

Love Stage!! sudden hug

Superman power of disguise aside, this episode of Love Stage!! pleased me if only because it went back to its root and didn’t follow up on last episode story telling techniques. It was a relief to know that last episode was an exception and I would once again be able to enjoy the show as I have been. We are back with some real struggle for Ryouma and incredibly stupid situation with Izumi, just the way it always has been. I found really interesting how Ryouma perceived everything as a threat suddenly, how he realized that he didn’t have the exclusivity on Izumi. It is odd how sometimes loving someone can bring yourself to encourage the person to do stuff against their best interest, In the case of Ryouma here, if he had thought things through, he would have probably wanted Izumi to remain a shut in. This way there is absolutely no chance that other people would get to know him better and realize how cute he is.  The only people who knows about Izumi are his family and his super loser friends.

Love Stage!! loser friend

Speaking of those Super Loser Friends (SLF for short), I am so excited to see how they will cope with Izumi sudden fame. The kind of people who hang out in Manga Clubs are usually not to great with social interaction. Some of them might enjoy the sudden 5 minutes of fame, but I think most of them will run away or freak out if they are suddenly assaulted by an army of fangirl like that. I personally would just want to get away as quickly as possible. I hope we see the reactions next episode.

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