Magi 2 episode 1 [First Impression]: Continuing the adventure

Magi 2 Solomon Aladdin

I have watched the first season of Magi although I haven’t blogged it. I can already say that I will do the same with this season, but it is not that the show isn’t great, far from it.

Magi was an excellent show and this second season seems just as good if not better, the story is very interesting and the show is really fun to follow on a weekly basis. Magi is one of those shows where although it is amazing and the story is actually really expanded upon, you can still watch the show lightly and enjoy it just as much, you can decide on how deep you want to involve yourself in the story. This second season of Magi will definitively be just as awesome I have no doubt about it. The show is following the manga closely so there is really little doubt that anything will go bad along the way. Things will just follow in the same path they used to and that’s just perfect with me.

Magi 2 charmer

So, as I previously said, I won’t blog this show, but it is mostly because of lack of time and interest more than anything else. I find the show itself very interesting, but blogging it sounds like it would ruin most of the magic of magi for me. The show is great to just watch without wondering too much about it, the story is deep, but the show also has this innocent feel to it, and it feels as if pondering too much about the universe might ruin that feeling of innocent and replace it with a sense of impending doom instead.

Magi 2 Aladdin pervert

I highly recommend this show to everyone who have watched the first season, and I recommend to watch the first season to everyone who have yet to watch it. Magi is a nice anime that can really cater to every kind of person and it is definitively a fun watch. I will watch this second season fervently and I recommend that you do too. If you somehow disliked the first season, it seems you will dislike this one just as much because the formula remains unchanged, this is simply the continuation of the first season more than anything else.

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