Magi [First Impression] episode 1: Meet Aladdin and Alibaba

What an impressive show, While the animation and art quality are not the best. While I do not particularly like the intro or the outro of the show. The story and the universe are simply awesome. The concept is nothing particularly new or innovative. We have a young magician, a Djinn, a flying turban and a thief working together to clear dungeon and become rich.

Even the names are a reference to this already existing universe, Aladdin and Alibaba. I wonder just how similar to the original story this show will stay. I hope that it will go into its own adventure, its own path. The show has great potential, while I find the style and animation a little childish, with the amount of boobs touched during the show it is hard to consider this show anything close to a kid show. Aladdin spent a third of the show eating, the next third fighting and the final portion he spent touching young ladies boobs (or fat guys boobs).

The universe looks interesting enough too, I’m kind of surprised of one thing in it: the dungeons are coming out of the ground. Usually dungeons are old relics of the past, buried deep into the ground. I never pictured a dungeon to be something that appeared out of nowhere and rises from the ground, on the contrary  they are something that was there from a long time ago and were buried into the ground.

I don’t like Aladdin too much right now, but this is overly compensated for the beautiful slave girl that we saw this episode. The animation is so crude that even when the boys are in a  whore house there is not much to please our eyes, but hey, free sexuality is free, let’s take advantage of it while it is there. I sure hope we’ll be greeted with more boobs in the future, I have a tendency to like those.

what would be an anime without tentacle rape

I think that if you enjoy adventure shows, if you are not too scared of light ecchi and if you are looking for a cute story, this might be the show for you. The animation might not be the best, the characters might be a little too innocent and the show not hardcore enough for some, but personally, I really like its style. I will most definitively watch this show, will I blog it though remains to be seen. I’ll have to see if I have any free time to actually do it, since while Magi is a good show, there are still some greater masterpiece airing this season.

ZeroGhj signing off

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