Magic Kaito 1412 episode 1 [First Impression]: Great Magic Kid Show

Magic Kaito Magic Kaito

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What the hell is this show. I must say that if there is one word that immediately comes to mind while watching this episode it is definitively extravagant and energetic. Everything in the show is really fast paced and super active. From the main character or just about any conversation, there is not a second of rest here. Magic Kaito 1412 is obviously a show for kids, but it also seem to be a good one. While I cannot say that this genre of anime is something I am particularly fond of, I cannot ignore how well done everything is. In term of a magic show for kid that isn’t set completely in fantasy, Magic Kaito 1412 seem to be a quality japanese animation. If I was younger you can be sure I would be fawning all over this first episode right now. The show has a lot of kid-logic and kid-oriented action, it is very simple minded, but it embraces it and make sure that every second you watch is important and entertaining.

Magic Kaito grandpa

As a grown up who lost his inner child ages ago, it is difficult to take this show as anything more than a very interesting show for children. As an adult there is very little value in the anime since kid-logic tends to be difficult to accept when you get older. It is difficult to get back into a simpler time where things where not as complex and not as sad. When I was watching, I wasn’t thinking about how awesome all the magic tricks where, nor was I thinking that I wanted to know more about the father of Kaito, instead I was trying to explain and justify every single trick, judging some of them to be simply impossible to pull off and calling bullshit on the show.

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If you still have your inner child alive and well and you can embrace shows that are simpler and made for children, then I highly suggest you follow Magic Kaitou 1412. It is an excellent show that really proves that there still exist good children anime, even an adult could quite likely love this kind of action magic show. Unfortunately, I am too rational and boring to appreciate it, therefore I won’t be watching it for the season.

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