Greetings From MagicSpartan – Gaming Posts Incoming!

Greetings to all! I am MagicSpartan and I have been presented with the privilege of posting gaming-related work of mine here on the website. Zero welcomed me in a little while back and if I recall, he has promised that the gaming section would be up and running shortly. I am sorry to have kept you all waiting and I look forward to posting on a weekly basis.

On that note, I’ll have you all know that I will be posting content every Saturday, starting with tomorrow (March 1st). I may or may not post more occasionally, depending on certain circumstances, so keep visiting to get the latest content. The content I will put on the blog will mostly be editorials relating to video games. I cannot guarantee how topical my work may be, as video games, like movies, have a long-running background and history, and I personally enjoying revisiting the older days of gaming. Henceforth, expect both retro-based content, as well as new age gaming-related content. If you have an idea for a topic you wish for me to cover here on the blog, post it in the comments below. I cannot guarantee that I will visit the suggested topic in the near future, as I have my own ideas in a safely kept backlog, but you never know.

Other then editorials, I may post reviews for new games shortly after they are released, as I know most gamers are interested in what’s new. This is understandable, as a new generation of video games has just started and everybody has been trying to get the latest on all the new games. I should mention now that as of when I am posting this, I do not own a PlayStation 4 or an Xbox One. I do, however, own a Wii U. I am planning on purchasing a PlayStation 4 in the future, as I am currently waiting on games, as well as a price drop. Other than reviews, you can also expect articles on game-related characterics, such as graphics, design, gameplay, etc. I cannot guarantee anything technical or scientific. All I can really offer is a reflective piece; a back-up opinion, based on personal experience. I may, at any point, post content that is actually not even related to video games if I feel like it, but this is most unlikely, as video games is my most vast and profound field of knowledge and experience.

A Little About Myself:

I am currently majoring in English Literature at Concordia University. Whenever I am not studying, sleeping or socializing, I often enjoy playing all sorts of video games or watching movies. I have been playing video games for 17 years now and the first video game I ever played was Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island for the Super Nintendo, and to this day, it remains one of my favorites. I have plenty of other favorites, but I’ll be keeping them to myself in case it comes up in future posts.

Anyways, I look forward to posting and I hope everyone enjoys and appreciates my work.

MagicSpartan OUT!

About MagicSpartan

I like reading and writing short stories, as well as talking about and playing video games.
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