Mahou Sensou 11: From bad to terrible

Mahou Sensou battle

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Mahou Sensou is just a terribly boring and cliché show that shouldn’t have happened, but there are only one more episode after this one, so I figure I might as well go through it till it finishes and have all the right in the world to say how much this show was a huge waste of time. The show is not even bad enough that it can make me laugh, but it has such incredible premise only to let everyone down with such a ridiculously silly story and incredibly stupid characters. For those reasons I will keep my reviews short and my effort to the minimum, because you know, I should keep the same amount of effort that they put into their show.

Mahou Sensou training

I cannot believe that so many people inside the trailers actually wanted to release an enemy just because…they felt like it. I understand that they are just subordinate and ordinary people in that world, but I still don’t think I can grasp even the slightest logic in the action of any character in that show. The whole war seems to be fought with only 10 members on each side. Even during their invasion of the Trailer’s base I felt I was watching Red fight through Team Rocket. They fought each other with all they had and then proceeded to smile and laugh together, accept defeat and give the other all the information they need. It has become absolutely impossible to take this show seriously in the slightest. How did the show manages to become so full of lameness and unbelievably stupid so fast is beyond me. It has a great universe, great promise, they could have just given us a very generic story with decent character and the same kind of magic and action and everything would have been fine. Instead we are stuck with the most unbelievably unrelatable and stupid characters. Sometimes It makes me wonder what kind of plan the people of the show had when they created everything, how do you expect things to turn right with such weak characters.

Mahou Sensou boring

I don’t even plan to say more about this episode, I feel like I already gave way too much time and credit to the show by saying this much, I’ll keep my finger-saliva for the final episode for a final hateful bashing of my horrible choice in anime at the beginning of this season.

ZeroGhj signing off

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