Mahou Sensou episode 1 [First Impression]: You are now wizards, my bad

Mahou Sensou fire be purged

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What is this? why yes, Mahou Sensou does look like a Shounen well done to me, I was definitively waiting for one to pop up this season. I am glad I can finally say I found one that I consider decent enough. While Mahou Sensou doesn’t look especially unique in its setting and it is not necessary a concept that has never been done before, but at the very least it was done right. The show is about new magician who are in trouble before they can even know what happened to them and now they will probably be into all kind of magical battle and position to explore the world of magician and their own new powers.

I’m still unsure if I want to blog this show or if I should just watch it, but for now I will give it a try. It is a bit boring in term of blogging because I’ve blog show like these thousands of times already, just this very season Strike the Blood is still airing with very similar genre and premise (minus the harem and ecchi), but I want to give this one a try, maybe it will turn out much better than I set it out to be. Plus I just love the kind of magical ability that were shown in the first episode, it seems that the magic at work here is a bit more complex and interesting than just shooting fireballs and ice. I’m sure there will be some pretty interesting magical encounter in the near future and I’m looking forward to it. Another thing that really impressed me was how fluid and visually impressive the combat scenes were, I was getting used to see the rather boring “flash of light battle” lately. It is a nice change of pace to actually see what is going on and being able to see more than huge flash of light. I give Mahou Sensou my seal of approval as a decent Shounen probably worth watching.

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