Mahou Sensou episode 10: Growing Lack of Interest

Mahou Sensou wiseman down

As Mahou Sensou keeps on going my disinterest for the show grows stronger. I feel like by the time this show is over I’ll have skipped watching part of the episodes because I was too uninterested. Mahou Sensou has a great universe, amazing magic and good background, interesting organizations…but their characters are all so lame and boring. The more the story progress the less attached I am to all their characters. At this point I feel like the story would be more interesting if it was told as a documentary than from the point of view of the characters. I wish I could learn more about the story and have the characters a bit less in my face, they are rather childish and obnoxious. I feel like the whole war and story is made to look much more stupid because of how uninterested and uninvolved the characters are.

Mahou Sensou in bad shape

Just take a look at Mui. That girl is supposed to be an A student who is exemplary for her level. Yet she jokes around and seems to completely forget about the raging war that is going on outside the wall of her school. People have been kidnapped, most of the students were killed and she have fun cosplaying as a nurse. “It was the only thing I could wear” is a rather weak excuses when you also wear the little nurse hat that goes with the outfit. The show never seems to go into anything ecchi, but there is always so much fanservice every episode that it gets rather disconcerting. The show has such a rich and well thought story and atmosphere just to have the most stupid of characters living in it, it gets rather frustrating.

Mahou Sensou war begun

Speaking of disappointing characters, when did Takeshi’s mom became such a loving and caring mother for her son? From everything we’ve seen about that woman she was just constantly looking depressed and bored of life. She never seems to crack a smile for her children and she is constantly cold-hearted. Even when she was asked to help out her own son, she barely showed any emotions and agreed with such a neutral face and attitude. She obviously care somewhere inside her, for her to be sacrificing her own life for the cause, but even then she acts tough and in pain rather than with any kind of mother love or sympathy. She is giving everything she has for her son but still refuses to show anything and I am very scared because I’m uncertain if this is part of her character and her development…or if she is just another boring and plain character that will ruin the experience.

Mahou Sensou deadly mother

I’m starting to be quite critical of Mahou Sensou mostly because I feel that it could have easily been a much better experience that was ruin by character design. I will keep blogging this until the end of the winter season, but I don’t expect any miracles.

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