Mahou Sensou episode 12 [Final]: How to make a bad show into a terrible one

Mahou Sensou brother fighting

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This show doesn’t even seem to try anymore. The pacing of the show has begun to be really awkward, this episode starts in a whole different setting, where we skipped them escaping the enemy base, skipped them separating and just went straight to the house to the “murder” of their mother. It just seems like there is no more point to the story and they are just jumping from event to event to get to the end of this. They wasted way too much time ruining their boring characters in the school life setting and now the actual story is rushed and they are wasting all the hard work they put to lay out the universe and story.

Mahou Sensou hit by his own sword

 This is the final episode and I have no attachment to any of the characters or the story anymore. I feel like in the last 6 episodes they manage to slowly get me completely disinterested in the story and lose faith in the future of the show. I just do not cared for this episode one bit and watched it just because I was 1 episode away from finishing the show and having the rights to say how much of a waste of time it was. Mahou Sensou definitively had an incredibly awesome universe, awesome magic and a cool concept overall, but it all went to shit in the end because of poor character design and story progression.

Mahou Sensou impaled

I mean, just how ridiculous and absurd was it to see everyone fight around Takeshi, how unreal and stupid was it to see Isoshima “sacrifice herself” to save Takeshi. I just cannot believe how they manage to fuck up everything in the show with the stupid characters left and right. In the middle of the battle of the century people were having fun having casual conversation when people where dying left and right. This show tried so hard to make things epic and have a great final battle and conclusion, but they failed so miserably that it makes me wanna cry. I have seen fillers of bleach with better story development.

Mahou Sensou back to the past

Watching this show to the end made me want to throw up, it was just so sad to see such a great idea turn into something to terrible. Even the story turned out halfway decent in the end, showing premise for a future storyline  which could explore the universe even further…but it is already to late. Finishing a show on a cliffhanger like this, when the show was already not even half-decent, this is just the final nail in the coffin for Mahou Sensou. I doubt there is a chance for me to ever take interest in anything related to that universe again even though it was awesome. The name Mahou Sensou is now tarnished by this terrible anime, the direction and presentation of the character was just a complete failure, The non-ending that ends halfway through the story just killed the show even more. There is now no way to redeem this show and have it sound even halfway appealing for anyone. It is dead and gone.

I won’t do any real in deep overview of the show because it was not worth my time, but I can say that while it presented some interesting ideas, it failed at every level to become interesting and fell flat mostly because of the characters. I don’t recommend the show to anyone and give the show a 5/10.

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