Mahou Sensou episode 2: Welcome to Hogwarts, or what ever the name of this school is

Mahou Sensou burnt class

I don’t have high expectations for Mahou Sensou, It appears like just another generic action shounen show to me, the only thing that made it stand out and drew me to it was how deep and develop the universe of the show seemed and for now I am not disappointed with what I see. The show indeed seems to be rather well developed when it comes to the background story and the universe, We already learned about the different kind of magic that exists and the story behind the two worlds and how they came to be. It was rather cool to already have an idea as to how powerful magic could become in that universe. It is one thing to have magic, but sometimes it is never really stated how great and impactful those magic can become. Yes it is nice to see fireball that get bigger and bigger, but sometimes a spell like the Last Requiem mentioned in Mahou Sensou is something that is much more impactful than any direct target spell could ever be.

Mahou Sensou 15 mages

Now that we got a bit more of a background check done in the universe we just jumped into it was nice but a bit weird to see the main character, who just became a wizard, receive a super magical sword wielded by one of the 15 Great Mage. Look, I’m uncertain as to the actual value of such a sword, but I would feel like it would belong into a museum more than in the hand of some random newby in the class of hell. If I stop trying to make sense out of this though, I love the idea that the guy now has access to other magic than his own. After all Evasion magic sounds neat at first glance, but it sounds rather limited and boring once you start thinking about it. It is a kind of magic which sounds solely defensive, so going into action intensive battle with such magic sounds rather lame. So if he can now use the magic of everyone around him, it makes for diversity and change…and I love change!

Mahou Sensou new sword

Despite all this, I also find it interesting that they actually have a class called “The class of hell” where all young magician learn how to use their body and magic and it seems rather normal for the whole classroom to explode into bits and for bad stuff to happen in general. I kind of like the idea that it is admitted that young magician are dangerous and have no idea what to do. I’ll admit that I don’t think this show will ever become great in any way, but it is a fun form of entertainment for me and I look forward to watching it this season, I do not regret my decision of watching the show…yet.

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