Mahou Sensou episode 3: Magical Romance

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I doubt it will happen, but I sure hope that this show won’t turn too much into a high school romance any more than this episode already let it suggest. I’m not such a great fan of the genre and I’d rather have the show focus more on magic than love. I’m not saying that having this episode is bad in any way, if anything it really helped develop the characters more and make their relationship much deeper and interesting. The only trouble I had with the episode is the sudden switch from an action and story heavy progression to heavy character development. The change was a bit sudden and unforeseen, so it just made me a bit worried if the show wouldn’t take some sudden weird turn, but I trust it will continue in the path it was already set to follow.

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One thing in particular that I found rather strange was the unnecessary ecchi at the beginning of the episode. I understand that this kind of show needs its ecchi from time to time for the guys to see the female characters as girls, but did they have to show the girl talk about boobs in the changing room? And also, why do wizards have swim classes anyway? I mean especially for the kids who are too retarded not to blow up their whole class, I feel like swim class is something that could have been kept out of the curriculum.

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Swimming aside, this episode was just a big love triangle between friends. It seems that everyone loves everyone and every character is friend with one another. I think they should just all get together and have a threesome, they would all be happy. I mean, both girls like one another, both girls like the same guy and the guy likes both girls. I feel like this is a rather silly situation. They are still young, inexperienced and shy, but I still find it rather ridiculous how they all like one another and still manage to have this much difficulty to get close to one another. People desires one another, it is normal, just accept your feelings and everything will be alright. They are all so honest to each other too, Mui told Kurumi she had kissed her boyfriend even though she didn’t had to. Mui is either too honest for her own good or she is really dim and stupid, sometimes both honesty and stupidity intertwine and become one and the same.

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Anyway, back on topic, I found this episode rather fun despite the sudden change in focus, I really appreciated learning so much about the background of all those character and it actually increased my hope for this show since now Mahou Sensou proved that it had not only a great universe, but that it was also willing to explore their character and make them deeper than the average show. My expectations for Mahou Sensou just increased because of this and I hope it will turn much better than I anticipated during the first episode.

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