Mahou Sensou episode 4: Shut up Takeshi

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This episode we go straight into action and magic battle woohoo…except that I really had trouble with this episode. I feel like every time Takeshi spoke this episode there was just more and more cheesy and boring shit coming out of his mouth. I feel that the way he conveyed his feelings was so over the time and inexpressive that it just destroyed any ounce of credibility that guy had. I could perfectly understand his feeling up to a certain point, I could understand that he wanted to save his friend and that she was like a ray of hope and inspiration for him. All that part I perfectly understand, but the show is just too serious in his war to make his selfish action reasonable in any way. They went out of the school for the first time and saw someone die in front of their eyes and yet they are not traumatized one bit. I feel like the character are too stupid for their own good. No one see someone die and remain so emotionally disconnected to what is going on.

Mahou Sensou dead magician

I don’t know where to put the blame here. Is it just the character who is meant to be so stupid and emotionless that the way he acts makes no sense? or is it the voice actor that just completely fails to convey any emotions when he speaks, one or another the final result for this episode was rather terrible overall. The combat was nice, but the way Takeshi acts made the show looks really ridiculous and difficult to take seriously. I feel like it definitively degraded the story and seriousness of the show that had been building up for the last 3 episodes.

Mahou Sensou saving a friend

Takeshi aside, this episode was quite enjoyable because we finally got to see for the first time a real magical fight happen. We had a small glimpse of it in the real world during the first episode, but it was all rather shallow because of the restriction in that world. Now real magic could happen, and while it was all performed by amateur, it remained somewhat interesting. Now, for example, we know what kind of magic Mui’s brother is using. He uses destructive magic and more specifically frost spells.It was nice to see what kind of spell variety a real magician could use, also interesting to see that all magician can perform certain kind of magic. We did see every magician there use the “protection” spell, despite them being in all different sphere of magical affinity. This makes it possible that a lot of interesting basic spell will be available for our friends, even if their power is only about body modification or evasion. It would be rather boring if Kurumi ends up just healing everyone till the end of time just because she’s a girl and can’t possibly have an offensive role.

Mahou Sensou fire imbued

If you forget about the fact that Ida ran out of oxygen way too quickly inside his icy prison, or that Takeshi is way too brave for the peril of the situation, Mahou Sensou is still a pretty decent shounen. I don’t doubt that it can improve from the little mistake it showed this episode and that we can forget about this before the end of the season.

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