Mahou Sensou episode 6: Clothes Dissolution

Mahou Sensou dissolve

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I am so amazed at this episode, I saw something that seem to defy every logic of every anime I have ever seen. I saw something I can barely believe my eyes I saw, it is so ridiculously impossible to witness I had given hope that one day something like this would happen. Some female character got her clothes dissolved but she actually got hurt from it too ! I might have simply seen way too many ecchi in my days, but I don’t think I ever saw a female character in an anime lose part of her clothing in a logical way that was not purely for fan service ! I mean seriously, everything started to dissolve and the girl was actually losing her skin and started bleeding from everywhere ! Anyone not familiar with anime would think that this can of thing makes complete sense and wouldn’t understand how amazing a phenomenon it is for the anime world. I can now say I saw a loli character have her clothes ripped off and she was actually visibly injured from it and not just naked.

Mahou Sensou bloodied

Another thing that was completely great this episode was that whole fight between wizard. We saw the kids fight countless time, but it was definitively the first time we saw actually mature magician use their spell one against the other. That fight gives us an idea at how powerful magic can be in the world of Mahou Sensou and how devastating Magical Warfare can really be. Those two were fighting a battle that could have wiped an entire army just by themselves, it was impressive and visually well done.

Mahou Sensou battle

Now that I’ve talked about everything I found awesome about the show, let’s go into the thing that I found rather disappointing. I don’t know if it is just me, but I’m starting to find the main character way too emotional and passionate about things that don’t matter. I feel like if I was in his situation I would definitively not care nearly as much about what is happening to Mui. I have a girlfriend which I love very very much, but I can’t even say if I’d go to such extend to get her back to my side if something similar happen, let alone if it is someone else’s brother. I have a brother of my own and I never understood what kind of deep relationship Japanese culture have between sibling. Now the bullshit sibling relationship is not gonna end any time soon, because somehow we ended one sibling rivalry to jump straight to another one. Gekkou is now somehow a magician out of nowhere and the destined 5th member of something important among the Trailers. I really don’t know how I feel about that, but if it means that the character will cry even more together, I think I’ll start hating this show more and more.

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