Mahou Sensou episode 5: Dangerous Exams

Mahou Sensou rhino

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I don’t know why, but it seems that in every show about magic, the school always makes sure that the test are absurdly dangerous just because there is magic to fix things afterwards. Look, we have awesome healthcare nowadays, doesn’t mean we try to kill our student any more than we did in the past. I’m pretty sure that in the future even if we have the medical knowledge to grow back limb we won’t ask military student to hold a grenade in their hand before it explodes just because “we can heal it back anyway”. I don’t care if you can heal back to life someone who’s been stomped by a rhino, it must hurt like hell anyway. Even if I am supposed to be able to master the art of avoiding stuff I don’t think it is very fair that my punishment for failing be excruciating pain. Having an F in an exam is painful enough, I’d rather not add broken limb to the list.

Mahou Sensou lost memories

Exam aside, it seems that the show is starting to particularly like having students lose memory to change side. It seems that in the land of the wizard it doesn’t matter who is right or who is wrong, only thing that matter is what set of memories has been set into your head. I mean at this point in the show it could be just as possible that everyone have their memories rewritten to be on the “good” side and that the trailer are the only faction who still retain their real memory. I mean, who knows really.

Mahou Sensou ancient wielder

Don’t take those last statement as what I believe to be true, I highly doubt that the show really goes that deep into its manipulation of what is going on, but it seems to me that this episode was rather weak compared to how the show was headed in the beginning. I just feel like the story is headed in some quite boring direction where saving Mui’s brother will be at the complete core and that the show will revolve all around that single quest. To be fair I really don’t care about the brother-sister relationship that they have, so if things could go more towards the war that is being waged instead of saving a family, I would greatly appreciate it.

Mahou Sensou girl thing

The last thing that I completely hated this episode was Isoshima. I have so much trouble and no patience to deal with insecure little whiny girl in anime, I wish we would get some decent teenagers once in a while. I’d definitively love to see someone with half the confidence they need to live without looking like they just came out of the womb of their mothers. If a girl needs that much protection just to function and not feel betrayed she better learn how to deal with herself really quickly or she’ll never make it into the adult world. At this point she has to choice to either man-up or become a prostitute in her near future, but no one gets anywhere in life when you only run away from your problems and reject everyone around you and their desires.

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