Mahou Sensou episode 7: Nightmares

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I really enjoyed this episode, I felt like for once Takeshi acted like a normal human being…at least for the most part. I found it rather annoying that the guy would somehow give up so easily inside his own dream and that he just care so much about his family relationship. I don’t understand why you should care that much if your family hates you once you are already not living with them anymore. Just find a girlfriend and have her family becomes your guiding light for what a family should be and solve your problem that way, don’t limp about trying to fix things that are not worth fixing. You got bad ass friends, with a bad ass sword in a bad ass universe, live with that and forget about your past. I think we can agree, the past is over, there is only the present and the future left for you.

Mahou Sensou fighting a nightmare

Weird premonition dream and family issue aside, I now revert my judgement on Mui’s brother. He is way less annoying now that he got his memory back, I’d even dare say he is actually awesome. The guy is a skilled magician, but he also happens to have a very confident and daring guy, I find that he brings something more to the show, especially since Ida is such an empty character that never seemed to take on the role he should of had. Tsuganashi at least appeared a bit in the show and had a personality and opinion, so at least we got something out of rescuing him.

Mahou Sensou swimsuit

I would never ever bring a real girl into my dream, I think this must be a definite death wish, I wouldn’t even dare bringing a guy I trust a lot into it. If there is one thing which I would consider the craziest of idea is really entering someone else dream and having your life put on the line with what happens to you inside there. You are willingly entering the realm of someone else, you will enter a world where you have no control, both in actual power, but also in understanding. It will be completely impossible for you to predict what will be possible or not and what can happen next. Not only do you agree to obey such a lawless world, but the person who is in power in that dream doesn’t actually realize his power over it. It would be possible for someone to kill you without wanting to do so, I kill ton of people in my dream, I never killed any person in real life, but if you enter my dream I might kill you off just for fun without realizing it.  So if you were to have a girl enter my dreams, you can be sure should wouldn’t be pleased once she came out, if she came out alive that is.

Moral of the story, don’t join me in my dreams, you will regret it.

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