Mahou Sensou episode 8: Creepy Watcher in the Night

Mahou Sensou creepy pervert

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The show is suddenly taking a much more interesting twist than it has in the past. I always find it rather boring when the world is divided between good and evil. It is much more entertaining when there is no better-option and just different ideology. Now you can’t decide on the good or bad camp, you just have to figure out which match your value most. This is how real life works, there is no real good and evil, just a whole lot of inbetweens everywhere.

Mahou Sensou mother

As for now, I am rather confused if Takeshi’s brother is already corrupted or if it will only happen in the future. By the way things are going it seems that he is already corrupted and wants to go to the Ghost Trailer for revenge, but with the way he currently act it is difficult to say if he is just acting or actually still innocent. I have a feeling that Gekkou won’t suddenly become evil out of nowhere and it makes more sense for him to be hiding everything, but it remains rather odds that he would act so kindly to his brother when he holds such deep grudge against him. I have a lot of trouble figuring out the kind of sibling relationship they have. I guess I am just a terrible brother and I’m unable to understand why the two of them care so much about the other and what he thinks of him.

Mahou Sensou sleeping

Now let’s stop talking about the show and the story and go back to what was really important this episode. Did anyone else find Keppei absolutely creepy? What is wrong with that guy that he loves to watch guys sleep so much. I would be absolutely terrified to death if I woke up from my bed to the face of some guy friend I have, even worse if the person was my mortal enemy. Yet Keppei seems to love showing up right in the middle of the night when you are deep asleep in your bed. What was really not shown during the episode is if the guy actually arrived hours earlier and he already had time to jerk off to one of his pair of underwear before discussing everything with Takeshi. If showing up this way is bad, it is even worse to sleep, standing still, right next to a friend of yours without him knowing. I’m sure I’d get hit in the face if I were to sit quickly next to a friend of mine while he woke up, my face straight in his field of view. I’m lucky he is not a wizard either, otherwise my face would be burned quite a bit. All in all I just really wanted to point out this creepy guy and try to remind everyone that watching people sleep while they are unaware of it is absolutely creepy, even if you are an evil wizard.

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