Mahou Sensou episode 9: Second Magical War

Mahou Sensou Wyrm

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It is just about time that everything start. It was already clear that this second war would happen after the awakening of the big bad guy and now it is upon us. I am always so happy when the boring school life ends in any shounen, I completely hate that part of the story and find it to completely cheapen the action and the story every time. I get it that it is necessary to have younger protagonist that still go to school to attract the proper audience, but when the show is all about betrayal and war and magic, it wouldn’t be so bad to skip that part and go straight to the main presentation.

Mahou Sensou rough awakening

Nonetheless, we are now entering the fun part of the show, where tons of people dies ( although they are all unimportant character we never saw) and awesome magic is used consistently. Just this episode we got to see Momoka use her magic again, we had giant summoned Wyrm and teleportation magic…it was awesome! If things continue along that path in the future, I think it will improve greatly my view of Mahou Sensou. The show lost quite some points in my book recently after going through a long streak of boring event-less episodes. The characters are still rather shallow, so the only thing the show has going for it is the magic and action, having too long without one or the other just make the experience really lame.

Mahou Sensou fallen angel giving a beating

In other news, Gekkou and Takeshi finally had their first showdown. It was really unsurprising to see Gekkou win, it was already shown that he was a pretty awesome magician after all. He is the chosen one to lead the Ghost Trailer to victory against Wizard Brace, it is quite evident that he must have the power necessary to do so. We saw it in this fight, without even needing to do much he managed to completely destroy Takeshi. Beyond the actual abilities of Gekkou, I must say that the characters are so flat, stupid and lame. I have so much trouble taking Gekkou as anything more than a traditional boring bad guy. He just arrived out of nowhere, he hates everyone and everything for no reason, he is super powerful even though he just entered this world. He doesn’t seem to be at a lost or confused by what is going on and he starts killing innocent people because he feels like it is the right thing suddenly. There is no human being that would ever do something like this for the reason he is doing them, the character just doesn’t work, he does not act like a human being.

Mahou Sensou battle between brothers

The show is going in the direction that it should; that is one where action fills the screen and we don’t get to think about how terrible the characters are in the show. Hopefully we won’t fall into really stupid subarc until this thing end, otherwise I might terminate watching it before it has a chance to do finish.

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