Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei episode 1 [First Impression]: Yay, Magic.

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Shiba Tatsuya has just started high school with his sister, Shiba Miyuki, who also happens to be the top freshman of the year; as for Tatsuya, he is a Weed, or an “irregular. What that means, we don’t know yet.

The show revolves around the lives of the students at this magic school, where romance will mingle with lots of fantasy and awesome scenes where people fight with magic.


This show could be so good… But it’s not.

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The school life killed every hope I could have had for it. Simple, uninteresting and terribly cheesy, I felt like the characters were empty inside, aside from how their magic powers manifested themselves. I get the feeling that Miyuki is ridiculously shallow and simple-minded – an odd personality for someone so smart. Moreover, her relationship with her brother felt extremely fake. Whether the dialogue here is what makes it seem so weird, or whether it is really a character flaw, can’t be sure yet, but I couldn’t make out the bond that tied them together aside from what we could see on the surface. As for the rest of the side characters, let’s just say that I couldn’t even make out a personality for any of them… At least, not a decent one.

mahouka miyukiDespite all of this, I must say that I loved the concept of the show in general; the premise which surrounds the Magic school seems interesting, and the whole idea of “Weeds” got me intrigued;I feel like a breakdown of the system will be necessary, and the how’s and why’s of this event were left pretty open so far – it gives potential to the show. The few fights that we got were also quite interesting, especially because every student has different powers and different abilities, which I feel could eventually cause a shitload of cool fights.

The main character, Tatsuya, also has something about him which seems interesting. His super strong analytical skill and his supposedly hidden power gives him a lot of propensity to being an awesome character, and gives me the feeling that I’m watching an intense shounen just from his presence.mahouka tatsuya bishounen

The show’s quality seems quite good: nice character design, great soundtrack and very well animated fight scenes make the show look pretty darn decent. The only thing actually bothering me here is the slow pacing of the dialogue, which makes me feel like it was made for 7 year-olds. Such a slow dialogue simply allowed for more predictability and much less content in one episode, which just means long yawns and nap times.

mahouka magicIn the end, although the premise sounds super interesting and the show has some potential, namely with its storyline and main character, the extremely slow dialogue, lack of character substance and the terrible scenes of school life leave me highly doubtful that this show will become an A-rated anime. For people who like magic shows in general, this definitely has some interest to it, but unless there’s a huge bump in the action and a huge decrease in the school life I don’t see this show coming out as much more than an average show. I expected a lot from the fact that MADHOUSE was producing this and since it was based off of a novel, but unless the direction of the show changes I feel like it will be a disappointment more than anything else.

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