Ginga Kikoutai: Majestic Prince episode 1 [First Impression]: All Hail Fail Five


This show doesn’t look very good in term of art, which is a shame considering that the show focus solely on fighting and mecha’s, one would hope that their art matched the style of the show.

leader mecha

Having said that the show doesn’t look half bad. Granted I’m not in the target audience for it, but for a younger crowd Majestic Prince might be a show that appeals to a wide audience. The concept is quite simple and generic, the story seems a bit cheesy at first, but not too cheesy either…at least not yet. We have a team of loser and underdogs who managed the impossible in their fight against alien invaders.


I can already see how this show could turn in quite the traditional shounen story. The action is definitively there, the mecha are present, the alien are green and speak gibberish, I think the show has everything it needs to be a great success among children and teenagers.

space battle

I don’t think this show have much potential for older anime fan though. it seems quite cheesy and the art is sub par. I doubt that we will ever see anyone die in the show, and that alone make all the risk seems so pointless. We have a bunch of newby piloting small mecha and they manage to destroy a whole fleet by themselves. Yes, 5 mecha fighting a space fleet and they won. Because all those huge battle cruiser had no chance of fighting them, but 5 small robots could easily make that huge fleet retreat on their own.

Why not build those destroyers to have the firepower at least similar to those mecha? Why in the hell would you even bother making destroyers if small mecha do a better job, take a lot less manpower and are much better in every single way? Sometimes I just don’t understand the war logic in some of those shows. Don’t bother making huge space crap if a team of failure can pull off something better than what a thousand army man can do.

battle ship

So conclusion, this show doesn’t look good, but it looks enjoyable to watch for a younger audience, I won’t be blogging it, but I might be watching it…maybe. I’m still a kid at heart after all and seeing this little guy do the impossible might be absolutely cliché, but it is also incredibly fun to watch.

ZeroGhj signing off

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