Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! Episode 2: The ninja dog always wins. Don't even bother.

Let’s start this! Hopefully this won’t be too perverted, let’s hope that– *watches first scene* Oh god. What have I gotten myself into -_-‘.

I don't think I've ever seen such a creepy looking dog in my life. I'm scared he'll rape me in my sleep O.o

Ohai there. Nice panties you got.

Alright, so forgetting Miyako who’s way too naughty for her own good, Yamato has gotten himself a “job” to find someone, all this for 144 lunch-tickets that will be distributed amongst everyone. We then find out that the “someone” is in fact a mere dog OF HELL. They find him almost immediately, however as everyone starts chasing him around we realize that 1) This dog is a ninja and 2) This dog is a hell of a perv. AND, we also learn that this show likes boobies and having girls running around naked while chasing a dog on a side note, why the hell did they go to a hot spring in the first place?.

*Side Note: You're doing it wrong.*

After chasing after it for a whole day, The group ends up in an abandoned factory, where they find out that it is stored with illegal weapons and where they suddenly get attacked by ninjas using Kawakami’s techniques *gasp*. In the end, after beating the hell out of people they almost forget about the dog because they’re pure idiots, however Captain, the idiot who wasn’t there the whole time due to a flat tire, finally shows up and catches it for them. In the end, everyone is happy ^.^.



…THIS IS SO EPIC!!! Seriously. I never thought they would manage to make a dog chase look that epic and full of action, despite still adding boobies and comedy in there. This is so freaking awesome yet weird, it actually reminds me of Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai which I loved.

Why dodge a bullet when you can SLICE IT IN HALF instead? 😀

Moreover, there actually seems to be a good plot going on, with that weapons’ storage room and those people who fought with the

Oh, you naughty girl. And so cute, too.

Kawakami style. The characters were also really sweet, this is a half-harem around Yamato that I think I will enjoy since the girls are so freaking adorable. So far, Miyako and Yukie are my favourites :). Although I think the perv dog won me over this episode… HE WAS SUCH A NINJA. Ninja dog FTW.

Also, I must say that the quality and the effort put into this is incredible. I’m amazed by the pretty art, the OST makes everything feel so much more epic, and the animation for the fight scenes is absolutely great.

I also really like our main character, Yamato, because he seems to be quite the strategist and he acts like a total badass main character. Moreover, he’s so damn cute and adorable ^.^

I so understand why girls are all over you ^.^ You look adorable.

Epic battles, awesome humour, badass characters, I might be crazy but so far this show is definitely my favourite for the season. I’m so glad it wasn’t completely messed up, and although there are a lot of boobies, everything is censored and to be honest the boobies only make this show even more hilarious than it already is. I mean, the scene at the hot spring was pure laughter all the way.

I cannot way until next week’s episode! 😀

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