Majimoji Rurumo episode 1 [First Impression]: Generic Light Ecchi

Majimojo Rurumo wasting your life on a pair of panties

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As any guy, I enjoy my ecchi and having a fun little school life spiced up with dirty deeds, but I got to say that Majimojo Rurumo isn’t really the most well made or interesting of ecchi I’ve seen. The light atmosphere is typical for the genre, so is the protagonist AND the witch. Everything about this show is well expected, there doesn’t seem to be anything really out of the ordinary with it, it simply follows the conventions and will come up with the same ecchi scenes as other show have done times and times again. I keep complaining that there are not enough ecchi coming out anymore, but maybe there are still just as many and now they are just all too unoriginal to matter instead.

Majimojo Rurumo panty shot

Having a little witch comes down to a young man and make his ecchi wish come to reality is something I’ve seen times and times ago, although sometimes it is a demon or a succubus instead of a witch. There was nothing especially bad about the show, it is simply that everything was ordinary, nothing stood out about it. Ordinary character, ordinary art, ordinary story, ordinary concept, ordinary ecchi. There is simply not much to add here. I really wish that the show was at least a little more serious about its ecchi, it would give me an excuses to watch it, but I don’t particularly care for bra and panties showing. We are very far from actual boobs or anything else, at best the situation were pre-schooler level ecchi. The fact that the characters are all more generic the one from the other just goes to makes things worse because I found no attachment to the witch, the guy or the cat. Even if the witch was to go in prison 130 years more who would care really? She is immortal, what is 130 years over infinity? I would take a 130 years nap if I was given the chance and if I were immortal, so I find prison to be something rather overrated in that show.

Majimojo Rurumo ghostly bra

I will not watch or blog Majimojo Rurumo, I don’t think it is really worth it. If you want some very light ecchi and story though, you might appreciate the story I suppose, but I’d still recommend trying something else first, there is much better anime out there.

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