Majin Bone episode 1 [First Impression]: Kid Show, Not for you

Majin Bone stupid fake face

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Majin Bone is obviously a kid show and I’m definitively not the prime audience for it. Yet I will still review it as a 23 years old adult white male from Canada. From watching the show it made me think a lot of Samurai Flamenco when everything turns into a power ranger parody.

Majin Bone art style is rather weak, the show looks like it was made in the beginning of the 2000. The art is rough and really doesn’t show anything particularly unique or special in any way. The fighting scenes are not really featured in this episode, but already from the rest of the episode we can guess how they might look and it is difficult to imagine they will be anything more than power ranger 2.0 with less budget.

Majin Bone shitty power ranger

The show’s characters are all really ordinary and fits the anime conventions, there doesn’t really seems to be any character who are particularly interesting, they all are made out of old cliché that were used thousands of time in every type of anime already. It is especially boring and repetitive how the enemies don’t seem to have any presence or personality, they are just bad guys that needs to be defeated.

Majin Bone bleh

I didn’t find this show very interesting from the very beginning, a lot of the show was really slow and slice of life-ish. Even the ecchi was childish, there were a lot of “ecchi magazine” and girl in little clothing but none of it was even trying to actually make the show ecchi for real. everything was really aimed to have every element of an action / shounen but without any of the graphical or intellectual commitment.

Majin Bone alien bazooka

The episode took forever to get started and it felt really long and uneventful, when stuff finally started to happen it all made sense why this show was for kid. The expression of the characters and the simpleness of the universe and the action really made Majin Bone boring from start to end. I was never really interested in it to begin with, but after watching the first episode it concluded how Majin Bone couldn’t possibly be interesting for anyone other than a 7 year old. The show is filled with stupid cliché and overused stuff that would make people any older immediately get turned off by and walk away from it. There is nothing for you in here, don’t bother watching it.

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