Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist episode 2: Sytry, the fallen angel

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Isaac, one of William’s friends who loves the Occult, tries to summon a Demon and ends up meeting Sytry Cartwright, a fallen angel who saves his life. Sytry tries to get closer to William with scholarship money in order to be chosen as the ruler of Hell, however his identity is uncovered before his plans come together and William ends up bullying him more than anything else.


Man, I like this show. I can’t even say exactly why… But I like this show.

It seems like we got to know a little bit more about 2 new characters in this episode. Of course, Isaac isn’t exactly a new character since we met him last episode, but I’m glad we got to know more about him; he’s a cute lil’ fella, and I kind of like him. I’m almost expecting him to pull out some badass shit once or twice during the show.

Side note: why does he have 5 pairs of eyebrows?

Side note: why does he have 4 pairs of eyebrows?

As for Sytry, for now his personality doesn’t stick out enough for me to know what’s up with this kid, but all I know right now is that his character design is awesome (the only problem I have with it is that he looks so freakin’ girly and yet he’s a guy; had he been an actual girl, she would’ve been cooler). I do like the concept of the fallen angel, and his relationship with Baalberith does seem a little suspicious, but I do believe we’ll get to know more about that later on.makai ouji fabulous After all, Sytry is one of the main demons of whom we can see on the promo pic, so he has to be really important, which means that we’ll definitely know more about him later. I feel like I can definitely enjoy his background story once we get to know more about him; if he can drop the magical girl transformation he’ll definitely be a cool character.

We haven’t learned anything else in this episode about Dantalion, since it was more about Sytry than anything else. One thing I am curious about, however, is the way everyone calls him a Nephilim who can’t rule Hell because he still loves humans too much. I’m sure that’ll also trigger some plot points for later, since he might have some sort of sensitivity in him left from the time he was human.

makai ouji daltonBut anyways, enough of all that… And more about the actual show, to continue on with my first impression of it (which I didn’t write on this blog, unfortunately, since Zero caught the episode before I did). The show is good. It knows how to pull people into their fantastic world, and although I’m not fangirling yet I really love the ambience of demons and shit that they’re pulling off. I also really like the main character at the moment; his “realist” monologues are even more out of whack than the actual idea of having demons live in our world. The show is really funny as well, and makes me want to watch more.

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The only problem I have right now with Makai Ouji is that there’s nothing to make it stand out quite yet. It’s funny, but not hilarious. There’s a story, but we don’t know much about it yet. There are cool characters, but they don’t have any substance as of yet. My guess is that they’ll pull this off later on in the show, but considering this’ll only be 12 episodes, there isn’t that much room to really develop everything the way I’d want it to develop. Which means that there’s a good chance of seeing this show turn into a flop if nothing good comes out of the potential it has. It reminded me a lot of Kuroshitsuji at first, it still does, except that Kuroshitsuji had something great to it that made it stand out from everything else, and it was also 24 episodes; I really hope that Makai Ouji finds this spark as well to start it off, because I loved Kuroshitsuji and I have hopes for this new adaptation of Demons and Contracts.

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