Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist episode 3: what’s with all this yaoi?

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After getting complaints from students that have supposedly seen a ghost, William Twining decides to try and solve this problem as a prefect and encounters a demon. This demon turns out to belong to Ernest Crosby, the school priest, who also happens to be a specialized exorcist. He captures Sytry, and William, hopeless, can only watch while finally Dantalion shows up and saves the day once again. Then William goes all tsundere again, and the episode ends.


*sigh* I’ve done it again. Maybe one day I’ll learn.

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I honestly don’t know how many times I have given these kinds of shows a chance. Every reverse harem, every show that targets mostly girls ALWAYS ends up generically annoying to watch. I’m honestly losing hope; I thought this would turn up okay, but it’s even worse than the margic of generism I gave it at first. I hate shows that look like a doujin in themselves; and this one seems like character design will be the only cool thing I can like.

Or those bats. They're adorable.

Or those bats. They’re adorable.

makai loveI was looking forward to some kind of good plot with Dantalion’s back story and with the concept of Demons and stuff, but the main plot is turning out to be pretty bad after all. So, from the looks of it, it seems like the whole story will be about William Twining slowly switching his “realist” point of view in order for him to remember that he is Solomon and that he’s got a harem of boys at his feet. Of course, as a side story we also have the church who’ll try to prevent the Elector from electing the new king of Hell, and so of course they’ll try to separate William and Dantalion, and oh gee what a catastrophe that such a realist all of a sudden will feel terrible about being separated from what destroys his realistic beliefs.

makai sytry williamHonestly, the amount of yaoi innuendo is only getting worse with time. William and Dantalion already act like they’re completely in love with each other, they already have a “super strong bond” together and the tsundere is just killing me right now. Just fuck already and get it over with, please… This is ridiculous (I don’t like yaoi, sorry for all the fangirls). What annoys me the most, rather than the yaoi itself, is that producers don’t even bother try to add a story to complete everything and make it a decent show; they just know that people will still watch the show for the pretty characters and the demon concept (I started watching the show for that reason, after all). Unfortunately, I don’t see a good follow-up coming up anytime soon in this show… I gave it a chance after episode 2, but this third episode has got me really disappointed for now.makai dantalion look

I will keep watching the show for the sake of watching pretty characters for now, but this show is on a thin line right now and could very easily fall into the deep pits of hell (Oh, the irony…). Unless they calm down the BL-that’s-not-even-real-BL and give us a good story to this I’ll most likely be dropping this in the near future. I like ranting, but my patience has its limits.makai kevin priest

P.S.: I did like finding out that Kevin’s a priest. That was cool, I mean, with him being Solomon’s servant and all… Makes his service a little more suspicious.

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5 Responses to Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist episode 3: what’s with all this yaoi?

  1. a11a says:

    every show that targets mostly guys ALWAYS ends up generically annoying to watch

    • Myst says:

      Whether it targets guys or girls, yeah, it’s always the same… I always hope to find some kind of plot in them (I mean, Kuroshitsuji targetted girls but there was still something there), but I always end up sadly disappointed 🙁 One day there will be a good reverse harem… One day…

  2. Chriss says:

    The plot is bad, but the characters looks cool, Takadono Madoka-story; Yukihiro Utako- art, Yukihiro-sensei has another manga (it wasn’t serialized T^T) that has a really good story (despite the fact that it also has that BL-that’s-not-even-real-BL in it -.-‘ ) If you enjoy watching anime as much as reading manga you should read it,
    The name is Shounen Oujo. I hope that you’ll read it, you’ll like it and you’ll post your impresion about it too!

    • Myst says:

      Hmm, I might check it out after I finished reading Nodame Cantabile (something I’d recommend if you like Josei/music manga). Unfortunately, I wouldn’t be blogging about it since this blog only covers anime as of now. 2 bloggers isn’t enough for us to begin this insane manga library as well as seasonal shows…

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