Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist episode 4: a demon’s tale

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In this episode we meet Miss Mollins, the strict Head of House Jacob. After there are suspicions that she might have a relation with demons, we eventually find out that she is the lover of Camio, a halfling, from a long time ago. We then learn that this Camio is in fact Nathan Caxton, the son of the director; he and Miss Mollins then reminisce their past, and in the end Miss Mollins leaves house Jacob to get treated for her illness, instead of trying to turn herself into a Demon.

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I would have said this episode was cool… And then everything just kinda flopped down the drain faster than I could realize it and became barf material.

makai ouji sytry hairstyleI started out by kind of liking Miss Mollins’ character. First of all, because she is a woman; I never thought there would be any woman other than Sytry – don’t even try to convince me that Sytry’s a man. Secondly, as a mysterious old woman, Miss Mollins did her job fairly well in being mysterious and I almost expected her to pull out some evil trick and try to take over the World with demons from Hell. To be honest, that’s exactly the kind of woman she seemed like to me. As for Camio, well I definitely didn’t expect the last important demon of the story to show up inside of him; I also thought he would be a bit cooler than that.

makai ouji coupleNone the less, when Camio and Miss Mollins met, I was quite touched by their little reunion. I thought it to be a little cutesy… Until they got to the flashback part. A love story is cool, but when it’s a story that has been remade tons of thousands of times and has become the cheesiest thing in the entire world, I can’t stand it. The whole second half of the episode was complete bullshit. If they’d stopped the cheese after the flashback part, I might have tolerated the romance twist of the episode a little bit more, but then they just kept going on and on and on about the love and romance and the tragedy of something which I couldn’t feel any tragedy for since I was bored as hell. I started liking Camio when he showed up, and before the end of the episode I stopped liking anything that seemed cool about him.

It seems like, in the end, the Elector thing is just a background story in order to be able to see sexy Demons show up in the real world. I thought they would at least back up on it a bit, but for now we still haven’t gotten any kind of actual plot point that helped further this part of the story. I was expecting the main plot to get more foreground time, but I guess I was expecting a little too much in the end. I dunno why I’m still watching/blogging this in the first place…

Weeeelll, the characters are hot... If I can say one good thing about this show

Weeeelll, the characters are hot… If I can say one good thing about this show

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